October 04, 2017

Oliver Richard 6 Month Update

6 months old!! I feel like what I am supposed to say is that it has gone so fast but honestly, I feel like I can barely remember life without two kids- it feels like Oliver has been around forever. Life is good this month and things have been really fun. The big change is that Troy went back to work so I have been navigating life at home with the kids and I. It has been awesome.

Just a note about staying at home with the kids- it is not something that I ever dreamed of or desired but after god showing me MANY times that this was what was right for our family and making the change, I am very happy. I feel like I've been the mom that I want to be with the kids which makes me very happy. We are having a blast together each day!

Clothing size: 6 months clothes fit the best but he still wears some summery 3 month clothes

Diapers: just changed to size 2 diapers after he kept peeing through all of his clothes- well, 2 days into size 2 diapers, he is still peeing through all of his clothes- I don't know!!

Weight/Height: 26.5 inches (75%), 13 lbs 13.5 oz- 6 months, increased calories like crazy and went back at 6.75 months and weight was 15 lbs 1 oz (10%)

Feedings/Sleep: He is nursing 5 times per day- about 7, 10, 2, 4-5 and 7. We had a new change this month that we dropped his evening feed. Troy was feeding him a pumped bottle and we finally stopped it at 5 1/2 months old. He was never waking up for it but I was scared to drop it because I was worried he would start waking up in the night. Well, our awesome baby did just fine without it. We slowly made it earlier and earlier that he was getting his bottle. We made it to 9:30 PM before stopping it all together.

He is sometimes sleeping in his crib if he can fall asleep without crying for too long. Otherwise, we bring him downstairs in his "man cave" AKA the basement which he absolutely loves and falls asleep in a couple of minutes so that he doesn't wake Adalyn up from a lot of crying.

He is still napping 4 times per day: about 8:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 1-2 PM and 5-6 PM. He is not on a regular nap time schedule and those times are approximate. A change this month is that he can no longer sleep anywhere : (. Gone are the days where he would fall asleep in the stroller or car after 2 minutes. He now prefers to be in his bed or Rock N Play to sleep. He will still sleep in the car for longer car rides. It is hard because of course I want to go places with Adalyn and have things to do and it interferes with nap time. The kids are not on the same schedule making it a little bit difficult to figure out.

He sleeps with a blanket, pacifier and white noise. No swaddle which his sister always had to have. The last several days, he has not wanted to nap and has been crying a lot during nap time which is always sad- he doesn't want to miss out on a good time! He can stay up a lot longer now 1 1/2-2 hours and loves to play.

Solid Food: Oliver has been loving his solids. He has had pureed cooked pears that my dad grew, peas, a carrot/spinach mixture, turnips, mashed potato and more. He likes everything but what makes it hard/super funny is that in-between each bite, he puts his two fingers in his mouth and then all over his body so it looks like he bathed in spinach head to toe after each meal.

Right now, he just eats at dinner time when we do. He enjoys grabbing the spoon himself and trying to feed himself.

-He is doing "baby pushups" where he holds his entire body up and rocks back and forth. If you put him down, he will be a few feet away in no time.

-Can sit up unsupported for just a few seconds when you position his legs just right.

-He is such a happy boy and loves smiling and laughing. He loves to be kissed a million times and tickled.

-He is still sucking on his two fingers all the time and has the nickname "Two Fingers" for obvious reasons!

-He just adores his sister so much! You can see the joy in his face when they are together. Recently, he was going down for his nap and did not want to so he was crying. I hear Adalyn in his room "checking on him" so I go to check it out. He was covered in a bunch of toys all around him and below the blanket. Too funny!!! Of course I removed them but it was cute.

-Adalyn let me know that right now, Oliver is baby but when he is bigger, she is going to marry him and kiss him and live happily ever after. She tells he how he is so handsome. I wonder if she will feel this way when she is a teenager?? Lol.

-Still no teeth though he loves biting hard on fingers with his strong gums.

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