November 01, 2017

Facts about HIV: Helping to Raise Awareness

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HIV is still a huge issue today with 1 million people dying from HIV-related illnesses in 2016 according to the World Health Organization. Seeing that number is just shocking. Almost half of these deaths occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. I have worked with patients with HIV and it is a horrible disease that happens many times to such nice people. HIV takes so many young lives and finding a cure or a vaccine against it would be amazing.

I talk about all aspects of health including nutrition, dental health, fitness, heart health and more so I thought that helping to raise awareness about what is going on with HIV would be helpful so we all know about what is going on and how to help.

Here are some facts that I learned about HIV:
-According to UNAIDS, every week, 7,000 young women around the world contract HIV. That's a new person every 2 minutes. Young women aged 10-24 are twice as likely to contract HIV as males the same ages- shocking.

-Young people make up over 20% of HIV/AIDS cases in the US according to the CCC. Ages 13-24 account of 1/5 HIV diagnoses.

-400 children contract HIV every day with 290 children dying of AIDS related illness every day according to UNAIDS- the absolute worst. 

-After 30 years, HIV unfortunately is still around. 30% of people around the world who have HIV do not even know about it. Most of these people are low and middle income countries and it is estimated that 25.5 million are living in sub-Saharan Africa. 

-HIV treatments have improved and there is a promising possible HIV vaccine being developed by Johnson and Johnson- this would be incredible.

-For more information, visit these sites to learn more about HIV/AIDS facts: (1), (2), (3).

Check out my video about HIV awareness and visit the Johnson and Johnson Make HIV History page to learn more and create your own video for HIV awareness.

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