November 07, 2017

Oliver Richard 7 Month Update

This month started off pretty darn rough as we had a concern with Oliver and it has gotten so much better- keep reading for all the details. Oliver is sitting up, laughing like crazy, crawling and eating all the foods!

Clothing size: put away everything 3 month size and he is wearing 6 month and 6-12 month clothes

Diapers: size 2

Weighthome scale = ~16 lbs

Weight/Health Update: I debated on whether to share this or not but I feel like maybe I can help someone going through the same thing so I am going to. When we went to Oliver's 6 month appointment, I found out that he only gained 1 oz in two months. I felt horrible and like a failure as a mom. From that moment on, the next 14 days became all about feeding Oliver as my #1 priority to help him to gain weight. He was only 13 lbs 13.5 oz which was the 4th percentile for weight when he was always in the 25th percentile. Not good.

What I did to help Oliver gain weight: Increase nursing sessions from every 3 hours to about every 2 hours if Oliver was awake- if he wasn't, every 3 hours. I went from one solid foods meal to three. Also, Troy started feeding Oliver a pumped bottle again around 9:15 PM. I wanted to avoid formula if possible and it seems like we are able to help Oliver gain weight without it. Woo hoo! I also added in vitamin D supplements and omega-3 supplements. For myself, I focused on eating protein and healthy fat rich foods, taking fenugreek 3x per day, drinking a tea to help with lactation, drinking more water and pumping again in the morning. It has been an exhausting few weeks but of course, I would do anything for my son.

I believe that the reason that Oliver wasn't gaining weight was because my milk supply dropped somehow, he is the most content baby in the world so we had no idea that he needed more and he sleeps 12 hours through the night. My kids are naturally on the slim side (like my husband and I) and I believe that they have great metabolisms and need extra calories compared to the average person in order to gain weight. Adalyn eats like a horse and has always been slim.

Foods I am feeding Oliver to gain weight: baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk, cashew butter and peanut butter, avocado, egg yolks, whole milk yogurt. I do a concoction of at least one of these foods each meal along with a veggie most meals (squash, peas, kale, etc.).

Outcome of extra feedings: Oliver's doctor wanted to see him back 2 weeks after we found out that he wasn't gaining weight for a re-weight and a doctor's appointment. After 10 days of the extra feedings, I freaked out and was worried that something was wrong with him that was causing him not to gain weight. I called the doctor and asked if we could weigh him then. I drove to the office, cried my eyes out to the doctor's wife ( really) and then weighed my baby. I found out that he gained 14 ounces in 10 days- praise God! I was so happy and mainly, relieved. They were super happy with his weight gain and so was I.

Four days after that, I went in for his real appointment and weighed him again. He gained 20 ounces in those 14 days and was now in the 10th percentile for weight!!! We were all happy. His doctor said keep doing what I'm doing to help him gain weight. We are focusing on nutrient and calorically dense foods for Oliver to help him gain and it is working so well. Oliver was always a super happy dude so I am not noticing him being happier or anything but I am glad to know that he is now gaining well.

So basically, I was totally a bottle of nerves for two weeks straight trying to feed my baby 24/7 and everything turned out great. Having kids can definitely be worrisome and I am beyond thankful to have two healthy kids.

As I said, its been quite a month with focusing on feeding Oliver a ton. He is back to getting his evening pumped bottle from Troy. He is probably getting 6-7 feedings a day of milk and 3 solid meals a day. Foods he is eating regularly are above.

New foods include: sauerkraut, peanut butter, potatoes, tons of fruits and vegetables, turkey and wild rice soup, lasagna, whole milk yogurt and more. He loves everything. We have been doing a mix of chunks and purees. He has had chunky banana, soup, peas and avocado. He does not want to feed himself at all and if you put food into his hands, he is totally confused.

Oliver is now sleeping in his crib each night with a heavy sleepsack because the weather is cold. He sleeps with a pacifier and a blanket. We still use the Rock N Play occasionally if he can't fall asleep in the crib and Adalyn is sleeping. He is napping usually 3-4 times per day and is a great napper.

-Loves playing with toys- in the last couple of weeks as well, he started loving toys. He likes to either sit up or be on his stomach to play.

-Can fully sit up on his own. We were worried because he wasn't really doing this at 6 1/2 months and in the last couple of weeks, he has fully mastered sitting up.

-He is crawling!! 4 days shy of 7 months old, he started crawling. This dude is on the move and nothing is safe from him- the dog's water bowl, the printer, the dishwasher, anything!!

-He cracks up constantly and is the most joyful person I know. Constantly smiling and laughing. Everyone who knows him says that he is the happiest baby.

-Celebrated his first Halloween!! He was a bat.

-Loves playing and splashing in the bath.

-There is no one better in his life than his sister. These two are best friends and it is the most amazing sight. Oliver has the hugest grin when his sister walks in the room and Adalyn loves playing with him and taking care of him. They are the absolute best!!

-Still no teeth! Loves sucking on his two finger for comfort.

-Definitely knows his name and if you call it, he will turn right to you.

-Loves screeching and making babbling sounds all the time.

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