December 07, 2017

Baby Holiday Packing List

The holiday season is here! We just decorated our house with all things Christmas and have creating new traditions with the kids. It is so much fun! For Thanksgiving, we went to three different sides of the family so we were pretty much running around all day. Troy and I spent awhile the day before Thanksgiving packing everything for the kids that we would need for the whole day- our kids are currently 3 years old and 8 months old. It ended up being a ton of stuff!

This list is here to help you to know what to bring to visit family around the holidays. These are the things that we packed last week and will be bringing to our different Christmas gatherings over the next few weeks.


We are lucky to have just one in diapers but this is our number one must-have when leaving the house with a baby of course. We like the ones from Luvs which are affordable and get the job done. As a mom of two, I have tried all the brands of diapers and honestly am looking for the best value with no leaks and Luvs do a great job. They now have new lower prices which makes it even better. They have NightLock Plus which locks wetness away quick so baby is left feeling comfortable.

They are great for baby because they are comfortable and great for the parent as well because they work and are very affordable.


We don't just use wipes for diaper changes but also use them for wiping the kid's hands and faces, wiping down surfaces, etc. I can't believe how much we rely on wipes!

Change of clothes

With lots of eating around the holidays, clothes are bound to get dirty. I bring two changes of clothes for Oliver just in case.

Oliver loves his rocker and sucking on his two fingers!

Rock 'n Play

If Oliver is going to nap somewhere, we throw this in our car. Shortly, he will outgrow this and we will switch to a Pack 'n Play instead.


The kids typically go to bed early- 7 and 7:30. Often times, we are still at a party at this time. We wind the kids down for bed by putting their warm and cozy pajamas on and sometimes put them to bed at a gathering or at least they are ready for bed when we do get home.


Oliver loves his pacifier for naps so we always bring this along.

Feeding gear

Oliver is eating tons of solids now and needs a bib (we like the silicone ones), baby spoon, his food (pureed fruits and vegetables or other soft foods), etc. Pouches are a super easy thing to pack and work well for travel. If the party has food that is appropriate for him, we will give him that but if not, I have backups. We have a little portable high chair that straps onto any chair and fits right into your bag which is perfect for a makeshift high chair at someone's house.

Warm blanket

A warm blanket is perfect to cover him up in the car to be warm and to double as a nursing cover if needed.

Baby carrier

If Oliver won't fall asleep in his rock 'n play, we will wear him to help him fall asleep. It is also great if you take any walks and much easier than packing a stroller.


Oliver is at a stage where he loves toys so I always throw a few rattles and teething toys in the bag. They are also great for playing with in the car on a long ride to keep baby occupied.


Typically, we throw infant tylenol and gas drops into our bag just in case. If we are going on an overnight trip, we may bring a thermometer too.

I hope that this list helped you! I always get nervous that we are forgetting something that we really need for the kids and making a list always helps me. Happy Holidays and safe travels!

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