January 11, 2018

Oliver Richard 9 Month Update

This month hasn't been too crazy in terms of development but it has been very fun and busy with the holidays. We spent so much time with family and it has been a blast.

Clothing size: 6 months, 6-12 months

Diapers: size 2

Weight/ Height: 17 lbs (10th percentile), 28.5 inches (55th percentile), head- 17 inches (7th percentile)

Thanks to friends who are moms, I know that it is okay that my baby was in the 5th percentile and it is not a "weight problem" but that he is just slim. He is now gaining weight well in the 10th percentile : ). Thank god for mom friends who basically tell you to relax.

After Oliver's cold last month, nursing got better and less distracted but unfortunately, he has another cold and is back to not wanting to nurse too much. He is eating a ton of solids though so I am not concerned. He is nursing typically 4-5 times per day plus a pumped bottle at night. Still quite good. He will not nurse on one side at all which I find very odd. It's hard because I know that my milk supply is dropping on that side but I do not have time to pump each time through the day.

He is eating three meals during the day including many of the same foods from last month. He pretty much eats exactly the same thing as us unless it is too crunchy. He loves clementines, butternut squash pancakes, yogurt and many more foods. He completely feeds himself except for foods that need to be eaten with a spoon such as yogurt which we feed to him. He has had all of the high allergen foods without issue.

He is sleeping through the night and takes usually 3 naps during the day- ~9 AM, ~12 PM, ~4 PM or so. Sometimes, he does not take the last nap. He goes to bed right around 7 PM and wakes up about 6:30-7 AM. We had him all over the place over the last month with holiday events and we are so, so lucky that he sleeps well everywhere. We still bring his Rock N Play places and he sleeps there when we are out.

-Got a second tooth on the bottom and can chew many foods now!

-Loves playing with lots of toys including his new tractor toy that he got for Christmas. Also loves pulling out all of the tupperware from the cupboard.

-Loves giving me kisses- Adalyn used to give me wet, open mouth kisses but Oliver's are so gentle and dry. It is so sweet!

-Grabbing all the things, especially things he isn't supposed to like the blinds, cords, dumping the dog's water, etc.

-Loves to be held by all of the family and is so chill and social.

-Crawls everywhere and pulls himself up easily. In the last few days, he learned to sit back down after standing- not gracefully but it's a work in progress.

-Wrestles with his sister all day long. Always having fun with sister!

-Says "mama" all the time and "baba". Babbles like crazy. Laughs and smiles all day long.

-Celebrated Christmas from Thanksgiving through New Year's and we had so much fun as a family of 4 doing all of the Christmas traditions. He helped opened his presents a little bit and loved all of the attention from extended family.

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