February 08, 2018

Oliver Richard 10 Month Update

Oliver is 10 months old! He is so much fun and has gotten better at making his needs known (by shrieking haha!). Here is what is new this month:

Clothing size: 6 months, 6-12 months, 9 months

Diapers: size 2

Weight: According to our home scale: ~17.5 lbs

Oliver is still sleeping through the night and sleeps from ~7 PM-6 or 7 AM. He gets a pumped bottle around 9-10 PM. I just stopped pumping a day or two ago for a few reasons and we are using frozen pumped milk until we run out and then are stopping the nighttime bottle because he totally doesn't need it but we give it to help him gain weight.

We are still nursing but I could bet money on it that we will be done right around 1 year. Oliver nurses 4 times per day: when he wakes up, about 11 or 12, about 3 or 4 and right before bed. He is totally not interested in nursing and only eats from one side most of the time now by choice.

He is still doing amazing on solids and likes all foods- especially carbs! He loves butternut squash pancakes, bread, fruit, beans, etc. He feeds himself everything and does not want to be fed. When I feed him something with a spoon, he wants to take the spoon and not eat from it but play with it. When we take it away, he cries so hard as if he is hurt.

Most of the time, he takes 2 naps a day. He sleeps for quite a long time- about 2 or 3 hours each time which is amazing. He has always been my awesome sleeper.

-Still has just 2 teeth. The top two are definitely on their way in though because his gums are puffy and he gets whiny when it seems like they are bothering him.

-Loves toys and getting into mischief including dumping out the dogs water, trying to eat cords, pulling open drawers, etc. He is a crazy baby! He falls all the time on his butt because he is constantly getting into stuff.

-He is starting to have a mama preference and cries when someone is holding him and he wants to go to me. This is kind of surprising to me because Adalyn didn't do much of this.

-Loves playing with toys- favorites are his tractor, rattles and of course trying to get little pieces of any of Adalyn's toys and making Mom worried!!

-Stands up constantly by pulling himself up. He has taken a couple of steps along the couch but isn't standing on his own or taking steps on his own yet. Adalyn was a super early walker so I am not sure what to expect with a more average baby.

-Babbles like crazy!

-Has been going sledding- Adalyn holds him and Troy or I pull the sled. So fun!

-Crawls everywhere all day long all over the entire house!

-Lets his needs be known by shrieking when he wants more food. It is super cute! He sticks his tongue out, looks at us and shrieks.

-LOVES to dance! If you start dancing, he will too. He rocks crazy back and forth in his highchair and can move it a few feet because he is rocking so much!!

-Laughs at anything "Sister" does and thinks she is the best! They wrestle all day long and he definitely looks up to her.

It has been a great month! I feel like I don't have that much to report but things are really good.

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