February 23, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 4 + Giveaway

Senita Athletics

1. Senita Athletics

I am a sucker for cute workout clothes and love the options that Senita Athletics has to offer. My favorite item is the Zara Crop Top which is the most comfortable and supportive sports bra. There is nice padding it in and it fits well without smashing your chest. I have basically been living in this for two weeks and it is comfortable enough to wear all day long. Highly recommend!

**Keep reading for a Beanitos giveaway!

Senita Athletics
These high rise podium pants are great as well with an uncommon pocket that is big enough to fit your phone. How convenient! Check the sizes well because these are a little big on me and are the same size that I typically wear. These are the Cactus Bloom pattern and I just love them! How pretty! They are super comfortable and perfect for your next workout. P.S. the pants are not supposed to be as low as I am wearing them in the photos I just realized- they go up higher towards your belly button which is even better.

Beanitos Chips

2. Beanitos Chips

I am a huge fan of tortilla chips and a good part of a bag can easily disappear too quickly. I first tried Beanitos years ago and fell in love. They are tortilla chips made with beans and they taste amazing! I especially like the black bean variety and the white bean chips and love dipping them in fresh salsa. They are higher in fiber and protein than regular chips and you really can't tell that they're made with beans. These are definitely one of my favorite healthier swaps!

3. BrothMasters Bone Broth

Are you a fan of bone broth? It is new to me in the last couple of months and once I realized the nutrition facts on it, I fell in love. BrothMasters is a company that sells bone broth and it is super local to me- about 30 minutes away in Berkeley, MI. I love helping support a local company. This beef and chicken bone broth is super tasty and great in a soup or on its own. A serving has an impressive 14 grams of protein and 300 milligrams of calcium (close to 1/3 of what you need each day). I think that bone broth is an awesome product and can't wait to explore more with it.

My other favorite part is that it only has 150 milligrams of sodium. If you look at the sodium content in most broth, it is super high which is just crazy to me. I love that this one is low in sodium. This bone broth is made with grass fed beef bones, pasture raised chicken bones and organic vegetables!


The giveaway will be for a case of 6 full-sized bags of Beanitos chips to one winner!

*Samples were provided for review purposes.

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  1. I really hope I win!!! I've been wanting to try a bunch of the beanitos flavors so your contest came at such a great time! My name is gina :D <3 ty for offering this lovely contest!!! <3

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  3. these chips look yummy. Would love to give them a try. thanks for the chance to win.


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