February 01, 2018

The Perfect Date Night at Home

Since Troy and I had kids, it is a lot harder for us to get out on date nights together. We really value our time together and therefore, make it a priority to have frequent date nights together at home. We love spending time together and our marriage is important to us so we make sure to plan date nights in. We are really lucky that our kids go to bed by 7:30 PM each night so that leaves the rest of the evening open!

Each night, we make sure to do something together. It usually involves watching a show which we love doing. Some of our favorites are Ozark, Master of None, Shameless, How to Get Away with Murder and a few more. Other nights, we just hang out and talk with a glass of wine (or decaf tea). If we aren't too tired and are feeling up to it, we may play the card game Gin or play Mario Party on our Wii. 

On nights that we want to make special such as Valentine's Day, our anniversary, Sweetest Day or other days that we want a special meal. We cook together or Troy cooks for me. I am typically the cook for our family so Troy making a meal is a treat. Plus, he is a great cook. One of his specialties is shrimp scampi which is so tasty. 

When we cook together, we love using meal services that deliver all of the ingredients right to our home for a special meal. I have tried pretty much all of the services that deliver to our area and our favorite is Sun Basket. All of the ingredients are so fresh and the meals are a little out of the box which I love. I don't want to order ingredients to make spaghetti for example. I am a cook and can do that at home. I want something that I have not thought of that sounds like a fun and delicious meal for my family or for my husband and I.

For a date night at home, I chose these meals:

-Pan-seared steaks with chimichurri and citrus-walnut salad
-Spicy roasted shrimp with braising greens and ajo blanco sauce
-Chicken Parmesan with house salad

What's really neat about Sun Basket is that you can choose different quality and cuts of meat. For the steak meal, you had the option of choosing sirloin steak, New York strip steak or filet mignon. There are different premium protein options! Wouldn't this be perfect for Valentine's Day? I love chimichurri sauce and it was awesome on the steak. The vinaigrette was unique- a cinnamon vinaigrette. I loved that this was a meal that I would not think to make at home. My husband and I loved it.

For the shrimp meal, you have the option of choosing wild Gulf shrimp or wild tail-on jumbo shrimp. On the Sun Basket site, they have ideas of how kids can help out with each meal. This is so wonderful! I am a big advocate of kids helping in the kitchen and it is such a great idea to provide specific ideas of how they can help. Sun Basket offers organic produce which many companies do not. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. They have many options for your different dietary needs including paleo, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and more.

While the chicken Parmesan is a meal that I have made on my own, I chose it because 1. everyone loves chicken Parmesan and 2. it is perfect for a date night at home. I love that everything comes in the right portions meaning that you don't have a whole container of spices that you may not use for anything but a particular dish.

Other date night at home ideas:

-Light some candles and talk
-Setup a table with flowers, your nicest dinnerware and make a tasty meal
-Play games together
-Watch a romantic movie
-Our favorite: move a small table in front of the fireplace and have a romantic dinner. 
-Open a bottle of wine and ask each other questions about each other (no phones allowed!)

We try to make each other a priority even with little kids which can be hard at times but is so important. I hope that this gives you some date night at home inspiration! What are some of your favorite date night at home ideas?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sun Basket. All opinions are my own.

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