February 02, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 1

It's a new year meaning that it is time for a new series of reviews. As a lot of bloggers have stopped reviewing products, I reevaluated to see if this is still something that I want to do and honestly, I love trying new products. That is how The Nutritionist Reviews got started a whole EIGHT years ago and I am going to keep trying new things and sharing my experiences with all of you! Considering that these continue to be quite popular posts, I think that you guys are loving seeing product reviews as well. Here is to new product reviews for 2018!!


1. Degustabox

-Degustabox had another box of fun new-to-me goodies that my whole family loved trying! 
-I already love Angie's Boom Chicka Pop popcorn- my favorite is the slightly sweet but the sea salt is good too. 

-We don't do a lot of sugar in our house but my 3 year old took a really good nap without calling Mommy 300 times so I gave her a packet of these Go Organically fruit snacks and she was in heaven. 
-I am not typically a fan of rosemary but loved these super thin and crispy Wasa Thins! I made tuna salad and ate it on top of these cracker and so did my daughter. Highly recommend! They are good plain too.
-Explore Cuisine makes some awesome bean pastas that are protein and fiber packed!
-The Dole fruit was a fun treat for something different. 
-Still working our way through the rest of the products!

2. Munk Pack Cookies and Pouches

I am not typically a big fan of packaged cookies because they never taste as good as homemade but these Munk Pack ones are awesome. They are super soft and huge. They are decently high in calories so I try to eat half and share some with my daughter or eat it when I'm quite hungry, not just being munchy.

My kids love these pouches and I take them on the go for my son when we are out and about. They have fruit, oatmeal and more in them. I like them as well and think that they are super flavorful! 

FitSnack Box

3. FitSnack Box

-We love cooking with the Nutiva buttery flavor coconut oil. It is especially awesome for eggs.
-As stated above, I love the Munk Pack Protein Cookies- this flavor was too good! The chocolate chips are super soft in them which I loved. I'm not a fan of crunchy chocolate chips.
-The Saffron Road lentil crackers are perfect for spinach dip.
-The Vermont Nut Butter is great on oatmeal, over chia seed pudding and for PB and J sandwiches!

Samples were provided for review. 

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