March 01, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 5 + Giveaway

1. National Nutrition Month Snacks

I recently got to try a few fun snacks that I wanted to share with you:
-Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer- I'm drinking the Sugar Free version right now which is made with fresh ginger and is sweetened with stevia. I think that it's super tasty and is a refreshing afternoon drink. I often turn to caffeinated tea or coffee in the afternoon and don't really need it and this is a better alternative. There are only 4 ingredients: carbonated water, fresh ginger, citric acid and stevia. So good! It would make a great mixer as well.

**Keep reading for a Squishmallows giveaway!

-Gaea Veggie Snacks- Veggies on the go even if you don't have a refrigerator! These would be great for travel. I love the cauliflower ones which kind of have a pickled flavor and is tasty eaten right out of the package or chopped up on a salad.

-Carrington Farms Oils- I love this brand's chia and flax seeds and this was my first time trying their oils. I like them added to a salad dressing for some omega-3 fatty acids right on my salad. I look forward to experimenting with these more!


2. Squishmallows

Calling all parents! Adalyn got one of these Squishmallows for her third birthday and has slept with it every night since. It is super soft and well, squishy! I love the material and have "borrowed" it a couple of times from Adalyn. It is still in the same condition as it was in 5 months ago which is a good sign!

We were sent a few Squishmallows and it made the kid's day! Adalyn will not stop taking all three of hers everywhere she goes and even Oliver loves it at 10 months old. They come in different sizes. If you are going to use it as a pillow, I recommend the biggest one but for my son, I chose the next size down so he could cuddle it but he won't be sleeping with it just yet. They have lots of different animals and we now have an owl, a pig and two colors of foxes. These make an amazing gift and are very good quality!

3. Sonoma Wood Backgrounds

Did you notice that cute background in the photo above? It is my new Sonoma Wood background! I chose a white knotty wood board for one side and a greyish blue for the other side. They are made from very old redwood trees. Keep an eye out for these surfaces in more photos to come!

At first, I was not sure about this greyish colors and then I photographed it and think that it is very neat! I like that the board is two sided so that I can just flip it over and use the other side if I want. Quick shipping and nice quality.


The giveaway will be for a 13" Squishmallows toy/pillow of your choice!
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*Samples were provided for review purposes.

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  1. James the Fox is what my grandson would like. He had his 5th birthday party at a Nature Center in Boston with his preschool attending. I don't know about touching a snake like the kids did. There were plenty of animals indoors and out. The love of nature can begin as a child.

  2. I like Chuck the chick. So cute for Easter! My daughter would love him.


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