April 26, 2018

Make Your Own HIPAA Compliant Forms with JotForm

Do you ever have to make online forms for people to fill out? Then this post is for you! Whether you are making a survey, order form, registration form, payment form, etc., JotForm has the template for you. I am personally excited about this form because I have been wanting to make a reader survey for the blog and there are some awesome templates to use so that I'm not starting from square one!

JotForm is awesome for healthcare because they recently became HIPAA compliant- a data security measure that protects sensitive patient information. This means that hospitals, doctors offices and more can use these forms for their patients and they don't have to worry about patient's information being stolen.

Many healthcare professionals are turning to JotForms because they know that their patient's information is safe which is something that is super important in health care. I have worked some jobs where this would have been very helpful, especially as everything is going online nowadays. There are forms specifically for medical offices, dental offices and more making it so that you can just customize them for your office and not start from the beginning which is helpful.

Here are some examples: patient survey, medical history and appointment request forms.

These forms would be perfect for dietitians who run their own practice to fill out their information on a client intake form such as including contact information, what their health concerns are, dietary restrictions, weight and more. You could have them fill out a food diary on there where clients can log what they ate through the day. Collecting patient information in one place is so helpful. It is really nice having it on a form that they can type in their answers and just submit when they're done.

I played around with some of the forms on JotForm and they are super easy to use. I will definitely keep this service in mind as I need to create my own forms in the future. Pricing depends on what you are looking for. You can try the service for free with up to 100 monthly submissions and the prices go up to $100 per month depending on how many people you need to be able to use the forms. Beyond the free pricing, you can get 1,000 monthly submissions for just $19 so it is definitely an affordable service, especially if you have a business that it would be helpful for.

Learn more about the services that JotForm offers here.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JotForm.

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