April 25, 2018

Relaxation and Quality Time at MotorCity Casino Hotel

Need some relaxation and quality time with your significant other? Head to MotorCity Casino Hotel for a date night you won't forget!

Troy and I just got back from the best date night at MotorCity Casino Hotel. This was our third time there and it was our best trip yet. The last time we went, I was 36 weeks pregnant with Oliver and while it was fun, it was a little different as I got tired so easily then. I really feel that we got to maximize our time there, ate delicious food, I got to relax in the best bathtub and we got some really nice time to reconnect.

We started our trip on Friday night after dropping the kids off at my in-laws. We knew that they were in good hands which allowed me to finally relax and just spend quality time with my husband. We went on the perfect day: our 11 year dating anniversary! We always celebrate this date and have an overnight date on our anniversary is just what the doctor ordered.

We checked into our room and were wowed by the beautiful suite. It had a good sized living room, small kitchen area, super nice bathroom and a separate bedroom. Tons of space!

We were pretty hungry so we stopped for a bite at the Butler's Lounge which is available if you are staying on certain floors in the hotel. I highly recommend booking a room with access! They had shrimp cocktail, little sandwiches, beef wellington, veggies and dip and a few more items. The perfect appetizers! My only complaint is that it was super busy when we went so we had to stand with our food and they won't let you leave with your food.

Then, we headed back to our room to open a bottle of prosecco that we brought and look out the window at the city of Detroit. This is one of my favorite parts of staying at MotorCity Casino Hotel because it has such a good view of the city. We played some music and talked and eventually got ready for dinner.

Dinner at Iridescence will blow your mind. The servers know so much about the menu and will explain exactly what is in each dish which I was impressed with. We started the night with the best virgin drinks: a cucumber mocktail and a mojito mocktail. They were so, so good and I have plans to recreate them at home. I can't decide which my favorite of the two.

We ordered a couple of appetizers: the frito misto which was fried cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms and green beans with an aioli sauce.

Our server sold Troy on trying the Alaskan King Crab on brioche and he was pretty much in heaven the entire time he was eating it. We also had a bread basket which comes with 3 delicious breads. I go crazy for fresh bread and these were all delicious!

We shared the Iridescence Greek Salad which was huge! It was a unique take on a traditional Greek salad with whipped Greek feta, pickled banana peppers, yellow tomatoes, thinly sliced pickled beets, cucumbers and more. At Iridescence, they always bring you a little sample of something yummy to try and this time, it was a shrimp salad with crunchy rice noodles. I love trying a bunch of dishes so this was really fun.

Troy and I both agreed that the best thing that we tried on the menu was my entree which surprised us both! I had a chicken breast with collard greens and mashed potatoes with a glace au poulet sauce- kind of like a light beef gravy. It was so, so good and I would definitely order this again. Troy ordered the prime ribeye which is a 24 ounce steak. He thought it was delicious and of course had leftovers!

Along with my chicken meal, the desserts were our other favorites. I ordered the creme brulee after having it at MotorCity before which came with fresh berries on it. It was very rich and delicious. I enjoyed the combination of the rich creme brulee with the fresh berries. The best and most impressive item of the night was easily the melting chocolate sphere. It features a chocolate ball and when you pour hot caramel sauce on it, it melts and opens up to reveal the best rich and dense flourless choclate cake with fresh raspberries. You can totally share this dish and if you order dessert, you must try it. We brought some of this home and my 3 year old was obsessed.

Aside from the food at Iridescence, the service and atmosphere are like no other. It is gorgeous inside. You either sit in a super nice private booth or have a table for two overlooking gorgeous parts of Detroit. For an anniversary, a celebration or a birthday, I highly recommend Iridescence. We spent 2 1/2 hours there enjoying ourselves kid-free and talking. There is no way that you will regret it! It was the best anniversary that I won't forget.

Afterwards, we went and walked around the casino a bit. Troy and I are not much for gambling but we did enjoy looking around. At that point, it was around 11 and this old lady was tired! Time for bed. The bed is super comfortable and the room was very clean.

The next morning, I got up early like always and hit the gym. I love the gym at MotorCity Casino Hotel because it has a bunch of different workout machines that I do not have access to at home so I love trying the different machines and getting in a good workout while Troy sleeps in. Then, we headed to a light breakfast at the Butler's Lounge where they always have awesome banana bread, fruit, oatmeal, bagels and coffee.

I can't ever leave MotorCity Casino Hotel without taking a bath in their amazing deep bathtubs so I had the most relaxing bath. I rarely take baths and even a shower is always rushed with two little kids around so it was the perfect relaxation that I honestly didn't even know that I needed. After the bath, I kept telling Troy that I hadn't felt that relaxed in at least a year. Also, the shower is amazing with two shower heads- one on each side. I feel like I'm at the spa when I'm there!

Thank you MotorCity Casino Hotel for hosting us and for the most perfect anniversary! 

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