April 12, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 11 + Giveaway

Little Jane Lane Designs

1. Little Jane Lane Designs

I've been staying home with the kids/working from home for 1 year now!! It has been the best year ever and I couldn't love my jobs more. When I worked in long-term care, I had certain things that I wore most days: flats, nice business pants, nicer tops, etc. Now that I work from home, I needed to get my "mom" wardrobe going a little bit. I just love wearing t-shirts that say something like "mom" on them because it describes my happiest role!

**Coffee lovers, keep reading for a Winchell Mountain Coffee giveaway!!

Little Jane Lane Designs
Enter these super cute tops from Little Jane Lane Designs. These tops describe me perfectly as the one says "Blessed Mama" (I am so blessed it is crazy) and "Mom, Wife, Boss" (which describes my 3 best roles in life!). These t-shirts are perfectly soft and come in a great variety of colors. They are perfect for a day out with the kids. 

Use the code AMANDA10 for 10% off your order.

Quinn Popcorn and Pretzels

2. Quinn Popcorn and Pretzels

Every single night right after dinner, my daughter asks for "popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie". Though we do not do this every night, the nights that we do, her day is made. Adalyn loves popcorn more than anyone that I've ever seen and this popcorn from Quinn is perfect. I love the maple kettle corn flavor and she likes the butter. It has no chemicals or plastic coating. It is USDA organic and is very tasty.

My kids are obsessed with these pretzels which are gluten-free and are great on their own or dipped in some nut butter. One thing that I don't like about pretzels is that they are almost always made with white flour but these are made with whole grain sorghum flour which is great!

Winchell Mountain Coffee

3. Winchell Mountain Coffee

I am all about my morning coffee and these Winchell Mountain Coffees are so fun! Of course, I'm loving the Amazing Mom one especially for the awesome name. Recently, I started loving darker roasts and the Overdrive Espresso is really tasty. The coffee is really fresh and tasty. These coffees are part of The Boynton Collection which is the author of some of my daughter's favorite books. We have at least 3 of them and she can recite them word for word. Now Mama can drink her Boynton Collection coffee and read Adalyn her books.

Good news, you get to try some too! I'm hosting a giveaway for Winchell Mountain Coffee.


The giveaway will be for 3 bags of Winchell Mountain Coffee of the winner's choice!
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