May 24, 2018

Healthy and Quick Meals with Personal Trainer Food

Man, life has been crazy lately! With blogging, work seems to come in waves. There are times where there isn't much and I get worried and then there are times when I have 10 projects going on at once plus taking care of the kids, house projects, social engagements and more. I love being busy actually because it makes life so much fun.

When time is limited for things such as cooking, I turn to quick meals but I still want them to be nutritious. I had the opportunity to try out Personal Trainer Food which is a meal plan subscription that helps save time with cooking and still helps you to eat healthy. I always feel my best when I eat well which helps to give me the energy that I need to power through these busy days.

You can choose three meals a day as well as different snacks and there are 140 options available so there is something for everyone. You just order online and your meals are delivered right to your door. The meals are protein rich and each lunch and dinner contains lots of vegetables which I love. The meals are quite low in carbohydrates so I usually pair them with a carbohydrate such as potatoes, brown rice, garlic, toast, etc. The food is flash-frozen requiring no fillers.

These meals are easy to take on-the-go and are very tasty. They are nutritious and can be used to aid in weight loss if you are trying to lose weight. The breakfasts all contain eggs and meat and are quite low in carbohydrates if that is something that interests you. The dinners contain a meat and a vegetable. They are simpler entrees but have lots of different options to choose from so you don't get bored of your meals.
Personal Trainer Food omelet and sausage, chicken tenders paired with a fresh spinach salad, grilled chicken paired with tabouli, pita and cucumbers and Personal Trainer Food Cajun almonds- so good!

These are some of the meal options available from Personal Trainer Food:


-Western omelet and breakfast sausage
-Eggs and breakfast sausage
-Cheddar omelet and chicken sausage.

Lunch and Dinner Entrees

-Teriyaki chicken
-Garden turkey burger
-Santa fe veggie burger


-Green beans
-Brussels sprouts
-Lots of different veggie blends


-Roasted almonds
-Chili and oregano green olives
-Cajun almonds

Personal Trainer Food omelet and sausage paired with fresh mango and kiwi
My husband has been enjoying to take these meals to work for an easy lunch. We used to pack food for him such as sandwiches but got away from that a couple of years ago and mostly make healthy dinner type foods to send for him. Personal Trainer Food makes it super easy to send him with a nutritious meal to work!

My kids and husband absolutely loved the omelets and I love that they were ready in just 1 1/2 minutes and could be heated in the microwave. We have been having fun trying the different foods from Personal Trainer Food and the chicken tenders pictured on the salad were one of my favorites. It's a fun program to try if you're looking for healthy, quick meals for on-the-go.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Personal Trainer Food.

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