May 14, 2018

6 Morning Habits to Start Your Day Off Right

I am totally a morning person typically but lately, I've been dragging a bit! I don't know if it's Adalyn needing to go to the bathroom in the night or Oliver crying a couple of times due to teething or what but man, I'm tired! I notice that when I start my day off the right way, I feel so much better. I mean, no day is going to start out without a cup of coffee of course! There are certain things that when I skip, I notice the difference in my energy level right away. When I skip these habits, I notice myself wanting to relax on the couch more which isn't always a bad thing but I feel so much better when I'm productive.

I want to share with you some morning habits to start your day off the right way to feel your best!

1. Stop hitting snooze

When I hit the snooze button, I always feel worse than if I just got up right away. Set your alarm clock for a reasonable time when you know that you will get up when it goes off. My husband gets up at 6 AM for work and has a new habit of laying down on the couch for twenty minutes after and always feels worse after. I tell him, just set your alarm for 6:20 then haha!

2. Get moving!

You know that I love my morning exercise and always feel my best by far when I get moving first thing when I wake up. It doesn't have to be the craziest jumping and running exercise but just a simple quick walk on my treadmill helps give me energy to take care of my energetic crew all morning long. Soon enough it will be warm enough in the morning to exercise outside and I cannot wait. One of my motivations for getting out of bed is to try to give myself enough time to exercise before the kids get up. They get up around 7 AM so I have to get up and go before they say "Mommy, I want breakfast", "Mommy, can I come on the treadmill with you", etc.!

3. Have a nutritious, balanced breakfast

I don't know about you but when I just have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, I find myself hungry less than an hour later. I love switching up my breakfast daily and aim to get whole-grains, healthy fats, omega-3 and fiber in each breakfast. This breakfast is a piece of whole-wheat cinnamon raisin toast with nut butter, chia seeds, grain-free granola and the best blackberries. I also love having a yogurt bowl with Greek yogurt, fruit or sweet potato chunks, chia seeds, cereal and nut butter. Oh and always a cup of coffee! A balanced breakfast will help give you the energy that you need to power through your morning.

4. Drink a cup of coffee

No joke, my favorite part of my day is when I get my Keurig going and brew myself a hot cup of coffee. I'm loving the 1850 Brand Coffee from the makers of Folgers from Meijer which has a delicious bold and smooth flavor. Last summer, I fell in love with bolder flavor coffee and have not turned back. I love this part of my morning and always drink my coffee in a thermos that keeps my coffee hot for hours. I love slowly drinking my coffee for a boost of caffeine but also for some calmness to my crazy days working from home with two young kids.

This coffee comes in 4 blends in K-Cups and ground coffee. They are also coming out with 3 ready-to-drink flavors. They are fire-roasted to bring out the rich flavor and are roasted evenly for less bitterness. Nothing smells as good as these grounds! I'm loving the Black Gold and Trailblazer varieties which are dark roast and medium-dark roast. So good!

Every bold life starts with a first bold choice. Every bold day has a morning. Back in 1850, J.A.
Folger started something new and innovative to help the prospectors as they sought their fortunes.
Today, there’s still no better way to get after it than with a bold-yet-smooth cup of coffee. 1850 Brand
Coffee is the official coffee of bold people fueling original ideas, new commitments, and brave
endeavors – ultimately becoming more than a coffee, but an ally to the hustle.

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5. Straighten up

I don't know about you but when my house is messy, I feel like I just can't think straight! After breakfast, I like to take 10 minutes to tidy up so that the house stays under some control. I do this a few times through the day and it really helps to keep messes at bay. My kids are tornadoes so this is totally necessary!

6. Sip a glass of water

When we sleep, we often wake up dehydrated. Grab a big glass, fill it with water and drink up. Some people like to add lemon to their water to give it some flavor or throw some fruit in it. Whatever works! Just drink up.

What are your favorite habits to start your day off right?

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  1. Mel Robins totally supports the no hitting snooze, it's totally proven to keep your brain asleep even if you're awake.


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