June 28, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 19 + Giveaway

My Fairytale Tutu

1. My Fairytale Tutu

If you have a little princess like I do, run, don't walk to the My Fairytale Tutu Etsy shop for the cutest princess dresses. We chose a Moana dress since my daughter has dresses from many of the other princesses and it is amazing! 

My Fairytale Tutu
My favorite part is the little fish netting detail. Adalyn is freaking out over the dress and begging to wear it 24/7. It is gorgeous, awesome quality and I would highly recommend this Etsy shop.

My Fairytale Tutu
I love how puffy the dress is because most princess dresses that we have are not puffy at all. This is perfect for a photo shoot, a trip to Disney, Halloween, etc. I'm guessing that Adalyn will wear it for Halloween this year- and every day until then. 

My Fairytale Tutu
The shop owner also accepts custom orders though her shop has tons of gorgeous options. I want them all!

**Keep reading for a Jilz Crackerz giveaway!

Jilz Crackerz

2. Jilz Crackerz

I have a new favorite cracker and they are these Jilz Crackerz! They have so much flavor from the seeds, especially the sesame seeds. They are gluten-free and paleo friendly for those who follow that type of diet. I made a veggie loaded salmon salad and served it loaded on these crackers and my kids went crazy for it. Seriously! It is easily their favorite lunch right now. 

Jilz Crackerz
These crackers come in three flavors: Tuscan, Original and Mediterranean. I love the Original best. They are also awesome with peanut butter. They are not your typical flavorless cracker and do not taste like they're gluten-free either (in a good way). I highly recommend them!


3. Degustabox

-My favorite item was the Goya corn tortillas. I made steak tacos and toasted these tortillas up and they were super delicious! My father-in-law who is 100% Mexican and eats a lot of authentic Mexican food really liked them.
-Walkers Vanilla Shortbread- My son went crazy for these! They are by no means healthy but are not too high in added sugar.
-Tickle Water- The watermelon is not my favorite flavor (I love the apple and grape best) but this brand is so cute and this makes an awesome summer beverage with no sugar.
-Goya seasoning- I marinated some vegetables to grill and topped them with this seasoning and my husband said it was delicious!


The giveaway will be for a 3 pack of the Jilz Crackerz to one winner!
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Samples were provided for review purposes.

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  2. would love to try something new and healthy

  3. my favorite cracker topping is cheese!

  4. Smoked salmon and mustard. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Peanut Butter is my favorite topping for crackers.


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