June 29, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 20 + Giveaway

Chobani Flips

1. Chobani Flips

When I'm craving something sweet and dessert-like but still nutritious, I love Chobani Flips. I had not tried the Buttercrunch flavor before and it is so good! Chocolate Greek yogurt with peanuts, toffee, chocolate cookies and peanut butter clusters. So delish! I like to enjoy these in the evening when I'm watching a show with my husband for a treat. They have about 12 grams of protein and of course are rich in calcium. A perfect sweet treat! 

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Chobani Hint Of Yogurt

2. Chobani Hint Of Yogurt

I love, love, love Chobani yogurt and am so excited about their new line: Hint Of. It is Greek yogurt with just mild sweetness and it has some tartness which I love. I love flavored Greek yogurt but sometimes, would prefer a little less sugar and these are amazing. The kids love them and so do I. Every flavor is great and I will be purchasing these regularly.

Enchante Home Towels, Blankets and Rugs

3. Enchante Home Towels, Blankets and Rugs

I was recently sent some towels, a bathroom rug and a blanket to try from Enchante Home. The towels are made with Turkish cotton and are absorbent and fluffy. I love anything grey and they match well in our bathroom.

Enchante Home Towels, Blankets and Rugs
I'm the type of person where if there is the slightest bit of chill, I like to wear a blanket. This Turkish throw is super lightweight and perfect for spring, summer and fall for a little warmth while not being too heavy. I love the pattern on this blanket!

4. Limitless Coffee

This is the best smelling coffee ever! I love the coffee from Limitless and these dark roasts and espresso blends are wonderful! My favorite part of my day is brewing my coffee in my reusable cup in my Keurig and sipping on it while out on a walk or while I'm working at my desk. I highly recommend this quality coffee that is so tasty! 


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  1. I like to add sweet and low and half and half to my coffee.

  2. I like to add a sweetener and cream to my coffee.

  3. I drink my coffee black- I don't want anything to cover up the taste!

  4. I add sweetener and cream to my coffee.

  5. Always black- I want to taste the coffee, after all.

  6. I use cream and swerve

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