June 07, 2018

Oliver Richard 13-14 Month Update

Oliver is such a happy baby (toddler?) and I wanted to write an update about what is going on with him right now. He is so different than Adalyn and I really struggle with not comparing the two. It's just so easy to be like, at this age, Adalyn was doing ______.

Here is what is going on with Oliver at 14 months:

Clothing size: 12 months clothes, some 18 months, some 6 months haha.

Diapers: still size 2

Weight/height: ~20 pounds

Eating: Around 13 months, Oliver started eating everything. He was having a bit of trouble with veggies but he is now loving them. Yay! He still hates banana ever since he got sick after eating one like 5 months ago. He has a great memory apparently! He has an awesome appetite and can demolish food in a couple of minutes. Favorite foods are: eggs, chopped grapes, strawberries, water, yogurt, milk and any kind of carbs like pasta or bread.

I am nursing him 2 times a day mostly. Once when he wakes up and once before bed or during the day. We'll see how long this lasts!

Sleep: He takes two naps a day- ~9 or 10 AM for about 2 hours and then sometime later in the afternoon for an hour or two. He's fighting the second one a bit so I wonder if he will be dropping the second nap soon. Bedtime is still right around 7 PM and he goes down pretty easily. He sometimes wakes in the night one time crying and my husband goes and cuddles him for 1 minute and puts him back down and he goes back to sleep. The biggest problem with sleep is big sister sneaking into his room in the night, playing with him and then when she leaves, he cries his eyes out for awhile. They are the best of friends <3 .="" p="">

-He learned to walk at 13 1/2 months! Kind of! He can totally walk. He can stand on his own and take a bunch of steps before falling. But boy, is my baby ever lazy! He so much would rather crawl or be carried. One Friday night, he just started walking out of nowhere. So I know that he can do it but he is just super laid back and would rather be lazy. Soon enough I'm sure.

-He has 6 teeth.

-He is so neat and rarely ever makes a mess which is polar opposite of Adalyn. He closes a door if he sees it open always including cupboards.

-His smile and laugh are contagious! He is constantly smiling.

-His Daddy is everything to him. Daddy is #1 and Adalyn and I are tied for #2 for sure. When Troy comes into the room, it's "Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada!". He gets super excited to see Troy always and loves to cuddle with him.

-Waving is his favorite and he constantly waves at everyone. During a meal, we always wave at each other.

-He will not give kisses at all! I am constantly trying to get him to kiss me or any of us and he pulls his head away! He loves to cuddle though and loves laying on someone's shoulder. He's been loving to cuddle to my dad a lot lately and can lay on someone's shoulder for 20-30 minutes which is the absolute best.

-He finally enjoys going on a swing. He was scared of it for awhile but now enjoys it. He loves the little slide in our backyard and just started scooting himself down it himself.

-He loves all things water! He loves to splash in the bath and really loves the pool. This is awesome because you will find us in water all summer long.

Sister helping Oliver walk.
-He still doesn't want to point. His words are Dada, every so often Mama, bye bye and baba whatever that means. I am going to talk to his doctor soon to make sure that he is on track with speech. Like I said, he is super laid back so I think he just isn't motivated to talk yet. His favorite thing is to look at you and go "la la la la la" with his tongue.

-He is a BOY BOY BOY. This dude loves tractors, cars, loud vehicles, balls and anything boyish you can think of. My parent's have a ride-on kids tractor at their farm and he loves to climb on that himself.

-Loves to crawl away from us as fast as possible. Loves to wriggle away during diaper changes. Loves to try to grab his privates as much as possible (eyeroll!). Loves to crawl up the stairs. Loves being pushed around in a push car and he loves holding the wheel and "driving". Loves to be worn in the baby carrier.

-Dislikes: bananas, waiting for food, waiting for water, waiting to be held, Sister leaving his room, being told "no". He is very sensitive and if I tell him "no" about something, he will slowly turn his lips over, give the saddest face and start bawling for about 5 minutes straight. If I tell him no again, the whole process will repeat. It is kind of hilarious!

-No one makes him laugh like Sister. He loves playing with Adalyn so much. She helps feed him, wrestles with him, helps him, carries him, etc. He looks up to her so much. It is my very favorite thing in the world to watch. He is constantly watching everything she does so I know that he will pickup on more things soon enough.

We love you so much Oliver! You are a joy in our lives and your smile is simply the best.

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