June 08, 2018

Side By Side's Personalized Pet Assessment for Optimal Nutrition

This post was sponsored by Side By Side as part of a Two-Post Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
We have been so lucky that overall, our two mini dachshunds, Ava and Jaxen, are very healthy. Ava is 8 and Jaxen is 7. We have had them since they were about 8 weeks old and have loved them ever since. They are members of our family and we always want what is best for their health.

If you've been reading this blog for a long time, like 7 years, then you may remember that Ava has had really unusual skin problems. When she was only about 1 year old, she lost the fur on her belly and it never grew back. For about a year or so, her entire belly was covered in dark black dots. We took her to a couple of vets and they never could tell me what was wrong. After about a year of having them, they randomly all went away. Thank goodness! I'm not sure what changed.

Since Ava was a puppy, she has suffered from sensitive skin and allergies but we never got a good handle on what the problem was. When we go to my parent's farm, we know to bring Benadryl as recommended by her vet to help her skin if it gets all red, hot and puffy. I feel so bad for her when this happens. We go on a nice walk around the land, which Ava absolutely loves, and she ends up having a reaction on her skin. 

Though we go to the vet regularly, we never really found out why this is happening or what to do besides give her an antihistamine. I know that a lot of dachshunds have skin problems because my cry for help post from many years ago about Ava's skin problem is one of my most searched posts on the blog. Aside from her need to be the boss of our entire family and her skin problem, she is a healthy dog.

When I learned about the Personalized Pet Assessment from Side By Side, I was really intrigued because it asked me questions that I had never been asked or thought about before. It asked me to check the color of Ava's tongue, if she lays in the sun (she does), if she wants to be the boss (she does) and many other things to find out what food and possibly supplements may be the best for your pet. 

I really enjoyed taking the assessment because I felt that it was really diving into possible health issues that my dog may have that I don't even know about. After the assessment, my results were ready in a minute with recommendations for which food to try and a supplement that may help my little Ava girl.

I also got to have a phone call with Marney Prince, the founder of Side by Side. It was really helpful to get to discuss Ava and what food that may help her skin conditions also based on her age, weight, activity level, etc. Ava is a feisty one so I think that I may have used the call as a bit of a venting session about my friend who wakes me up at 5 AM.

Marney believes that Ava runs hot which I can totally see. She recommended their Harvest Freeze-Dried Pork and Rabbit recipe to speed up the rate that food is processed in her system and uses cooling proteins to help regulate her temperature. Marney says that this can help with aggressive behaviors and stubborn attitudes. Ava definitely has both of those and I love how she summed up Ava with those terms. I will be diving more into how she is doing on the new food soon as well as some of the recommended supplements for Ava.

Side By Side believes in whole food nutrition made in small batches. They use quality ingredients that are minimally processed along with treats, supplements and more for your pet. They focus on a holistic approach to pet nutrition that looks at each pet's individual needs. Taking the 30 minute assessment (it took me maybe 15 minutes max though) helps give an idea of the type of food that may be best for your pet.

Side by Side has your pet in mind to help give them the best life possible by providing nutritious food for your pet. They tailor the food recommendations including breed, age, activity and health concerns for your pet. They use meats like chicken, duck, beef, rabbit and fish. They use ground bones and organ meats such as heart and liver for high-quality nutrients. If you lookup which foods are highest in different nutrients, the answer is often organ meats! I remember that from being in school as a dietitian.  

I make sure that my kiddos get plenty of veggies and I want my dogs to also! Side by Side food contains greens, carrots, sweet potatoes and fruits. You can by Side by Side food online and in premier pet stores in Chicago soon. Price varies from $29.95 to $59.95 per bag. Treats are $8.49 to $14.98 per bag. They have 10 different types of foods for different diets which shows that they really can help serve a variety of conditions. I know that Ava is enjoying her new food and I'm excited to have her trying this food that may help with her sensitive skin.

Take the free Side by Side personalized Pet Assessment for a personalized nutrition plan today! Also, you can get 25% off your first order and 15% the subscription service with code: REVIEWS.

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