July 17, 2018

What to Do, Where to Stay and What to Eat in the Fennville, Michigan Area

We just got back from the best trip where new memories were made and we reflected on many previous times when we used to live in Fennville, MI. Troy and I moved to Fennville when we were married for 8 months and we had all of our hopes and dreams ahead of us.

Troy hadn’t finished his Bachelor’s degree yet and now he is a successful teacher with a Master’s degree. We knew we wanted kids but didn’t know when- we now have two amazing kids. We dreamed of owning a home and now own our own. I wanted to be a dietitian and hadn’t done my internship yet- I am now a full-time dietitian blogger living my dream of working and being home with the kids. Life has come a long way since our dreams that we discussed on long walks on the beach in Fennville and we love reminiscing about our two years spent in Fennville.

What better trip than to take the kids on and show them our old stomping grounds. It was a trip filled with laughter, good food, beaches, pools, blueberries and more. I am so excited to share my recommendations with you for visiting the Fennville area.

Where to Stay in Fennville

I highly, highly recommend staying at Hop and Vine Inn in Fennville, MI. It is one of the best places that I have stayed in with so many family friendly amenities. 

They have an indoor pool with a 1 foot, 3.5 foot and 5 foot sections. The 1 foot pool was amazing for Oliver while Adalyn loved the big pool where she got the courage to jump in by herself for the first time.

The inn owners Amber and Dan will feel like your good friends with friendly smiles, recommendations of what to do in the area and a delicious homemade breakfast with options for everyone. Adalyn really took to both of them and enjoyed seeing them work hard to run the large inn that they took ownership of a year ago. 

For breakfast, each morning they had different delicious flavors of waffles, tater tots, fresh fruit, yogurt, sausage or ham, different muffins and danishes, eggs and more. Everything was wonderful!

Our room was perfect and recently remodeled. It featured a couch that turned into a bed and a bed, bathroom and full kitchen. The bed was comfortable and everything was top notch. We enjoyed having the kitchen for easy lunches in the room. 

The best part of the room is that we had an outdoor patio which was essential in the evenings for hanging out while the kids were trying to fall asleep. Troy and I enjoyed some local Saugatuck Brewing Company IPA out on the patio.

The inn has a playground for kids, volleyball court, lots of games, an indoor porch, cute garden sitting areas and much more. It is the most family friendly place that we have ever stayed. The inn was full of families and the owners were so accommodating for my family including an early check-in for naps, high chairs in the breakfast area and all of the amenities that kids love. We are seriously already planning our trip back to Hop and Vine Inn and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Where to Eat Near Fennville

-Taste in South Haven
We loved trying small plates at Taste in South Haven. The best three dishes that we tried were the Korean Chicken which was packed with a ton of flavor, the potato pancakes which were perfectly crispy and the sweet and spicy shrimp which had an awesome sauce.

Everything was super tasty and the restaurant also specializes in a bunch of different martinis. They have regular types of meals as well as the small plates. Since I love to try lots of different dishes, I really enjoyed the small plates.

-Marro’s in Saugatuck
OMG I have the best appetizer in the world to share with you from Marro’s in Saugatuck. The Shrimp Fra Diablo features a spicy chunky tomato sauce with lots of garlic, huge shimp and toasted cheesy garlic bread. I highly recommend this sauce and would order my pasta with this sauce next time. The kids both loved it as well.

We ordered shrimp alfredo for the kids to split, Troy got chicken parmesan and I got chicken with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes. Everything was delicious. It was our second time there and both times were wonderful.

-La Pinata in Kalamazoo
Near and dear to our hearts is La Pinata, a Mexican restaurant in Kalamazoo that Troy and I visited often in college for anniversaries, birthdays and graduations. A fun place with a delicious Mexican menu.

What to Do in the Fennville Area

We have so many recommendations as we love the area and visit often!

-Kayak rentals in Big Lake Outfitters in Saugatuck- In the couple of years that we lived in the area, we never went kayaking or did anything on the water in Saugatuck so this was especially awesome. We rented double kayaks for a couple of hours with the kids and had a beautiful, calming kayak trip.

It was definitely a great way to see more of Saugatuck. We enjoyed going by some lily pads and exploring.

-Shopping in downtown Saugatuck- the shops are super cute and we had a picnic at the waterfront

-Blueberry picking at Crane’s U-Pick- for $1.50 a pound, this is a must-do family event. Even Oliver at 1 year old could pick and it means so much to the kids and I to pick fruit. It’s one of my favorite things ever to do. The farm is so beautifully taken care of. They also have u-pick peaches, raspberries, apples and more depending on the time of year.

I think that my kids may have eaten their body weight in fruit!

-Visit Pier Cove Beach- my favorite beach in the area that makes for an amazing long walk on the beach. There is barely ever anyone there so you have tons of beach to explore mostly to yourself.

-Visit Saugatuck Dunes State Park- this was our second time there and I loved the 0.6 mile hike through the woods on the sandy dunes to the beach. The beach is not huge but there are big sand dunes to run up and down which my daughter and I really enjoyed. The beach is all sand and makes for awesome swimming.

-Grab beer at the Saugatuck Brewing Company.

-Playing in the sand at any of the beaches.

-Visit downtown South Haven for cute shops and a great walk along the water including a nice lighthouse.

-Catch a sunset at the beach! It is the best on the west side of the state of Michigan.

It was the best trip and I can’t wait to return in the next year or two most likely.

Thank you to Hop and Vine Inn and some of the restaurants in the area for providing a complimentary stay and meals!

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