August 29, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 27 + Giveaway

Suja Juices

1. Suja Juice

The kids and I have been having so much fun trying all of these Suja juices. Look at those gorgeous colors! My mother-in-law loves all things watermelon so I gave her the watermelon whim flavor and she really enjoyed it. I love spicy lemonades and the lemon cayenne drink is awesome. The vibrant probiotic flavor was another favorite! It has such a fresh berry flavor.

**Keep reading for a Suja juice and kombucha giveaway!

Suja Kombucha
I'm super into gut health and love kombucha because it is super fizzy and has probiotics. We have been enjoying trying these Suja kombuchas which I have not had before. I really enjoyed the Green Apple one. I think it is really cute- my three year old loves kombucha. I love hearing her ask for kombucha in her little voice! She loves these kombucha flavors and I love knowing that she is drinking something good for her. The mixed berries flavor was my favorite. Every flavor that I have tried is very tasty and I would definitely recommend them!

Nancy's Whole Milk Yogurt

2. Nancy's Whole Milk Yogurt

This yogurt from Nancy's is delicious! I grew up loving peaches and cream and since it is peach season, decided to make my own variation. I just cut up a bunch of peaches, added about a cup of Nancy's vanilla whole milk yogurt and some fresh lime juice for a little tang. It was so good! The kids and I are also loving this yogurt in the morning with chia seeds and pumpkin seeds. It is organic and full of probiotics! Very tasty, rich, creamy and nutritious.



I love trying different bars for the kids that are nutritious and do not have too much added sugar and these LARABARs are great! I love the cherry pie, banana chocolate chip and peanut butter and jelly best. This brand uses really simple ingredients and a very limited number of ingredients in each product. The banana bread bar for example literally only has almonds, bananas and dates in it. Crazy! I love that these come in so many great flavors and have no added sugar.

LARABAR just came out with a LARABAR Kid line with two flavors of brownies: chocolate brownies and chocolate mint brownies. They are made with buckwheat flour which I was not a fan of the flavor of but both kids loved them. They use simple ingredients and even have a couple grams of fiber. Not too bad for something that tastes like dessert!


The giveaway will be for a one month supply of Suja juices and kombucha to one winner!

Samples were provided for review purposes.

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  1. How do we enter for this? I'd love to, but don't see how.

  2. Love kombucha (misspelled it in my entry!) My Tweet button still isn't showing up in Rafflecopter, so still able to put the retweet URL in the answer box though! ~Deb

  3. Awesome way to kickstart a healthier me

  4. Never had kombucho; but looking forward to trying it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Mixed berry juice sounds the best and I'll try any of the kombucho.

  6. Lemon Love sounds like it would be very refreshing!

  7. Oh those drinks look super good and deff refreshing like Susan said. I need to try all the flavors he he.

  8. The Suja carrot orange drink sounds really good! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I would like to try the MANGO MAGIC.


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