August 14, 2018

Visiting Mission Point at Mackinac Island

My family and I just got back from a trip to Mackinac Island and it was so memorable. The kids and I went with my mom in the spring which was my first time there since 4th grade and after being there, I knew that I had to come back with Troy. He loves history and nature and Mackinac Island is a great mix of the two. I want to share some things about our trip to Mackinac Island with you today!

Where to Stay at Mackinac Island

We stayed at Mission Point Resort at Mackinac Island. It was an amazing time and such a gorgeous place. We had a room that had 2 bedrooms in it which was amazing since the kids go to bed so much earlier than we do. They did great in their own room! We stayed in the Straits Lodge which is the older part of the resort and there are plans to remodel it this winter. I look forward to seeing the renovations!

The resort is HUGE at 19 acres. We walked a ton during our time there which was great built in exercise. The resort is so well maintained and landscaped with all different kinds of flowers. I really loved seeing all of the beauty. 

Mission Point also has a spa, a theatre, golf course, pool with 2 hot tubs, 3 restaurants, 1 wine bar and a coffee shop. If you stay at Mission Point, you can easily stay there as much as you want since they offer so much to do.

Mission Point is located about a half mile outside of town which we liked because it was quieter there but also plenty to do. It is mostly families that stay at Mission Point and the resort is super family friendly. The Wifi was great the entire time which is rare in a hotel. Also, we took the Shepler’s ferry to and from Mackinac Island this time which was a good experience.

What to Eat at Mission Point

We ate most of our meals at Mission Point and they were all great! I had the awesome opportunity to meet with Chef Matthew who runs all of the restaurants at Mission Point to discuss ideas on how they can offer healthier options at their restaurants and catering menus. It was a fun opportunity for me and I loved learning a little bit about the ins and outs of the dining services offered at Mission Point.

The number one thing that I have to say about eating at Mission Point is that the staff is seriously incredible. They are amazing with kids and go above and beyond to make you smile, laugh and have a good time. The one waiter joked my husband that he brought him steak when he ordered eggplant parmesan. Just a funny joke that had us all laughing! My daughter didn’t finish her orange juice one morning and the waiter offered to put it in a paper cup to go. It made her morning! These little touches at the restaurants are what will keep you coming back.

-Breakfast buffet at Round Island Bar and Grill- This breakfast buffet had tons of options for everyone and my favorite part was the omelette bar which was made-to-order. I loaded mine with feta, tomatoes, red pepper, spinach, mushrooms and bacon. It was awesome! They also had fruit, yogurt, an oatmeal bar, bacon, potatoes, scrambled eggs, waffles and pastries.

-Dinner at Chianti- If you’re looking for upscale dining with incredible views, Chianti is the place to go. They specialize in Northern Italian cuisine and this is the second time that we have eaten there and we enjoyed it both times. This time, we enjoyed a bottle of Mission Point Sauvignon Blanc wine which was tasty but I still have to recommend the Garden Gimlet cocktail the most which is my favorite cocktail ever!

I enjoyed the chicken piccata and the kids shared the salmon with mashed potatoes and perfectly cooked veggies. I let Adalyn choose what she wanted to eat and she chose that! I was impressed and she really liked it.

-Lunch or dinner at Bistro on the Greens- The most beautiful views right on the water with views of the golf course! My meal was okay here but what we really loved was my husband’s whitefish sandwich which was super tasty.

What to Eat in Town at Mackinac Island

-Huron Street Pub and Grill- Our first stop once we got off of the boat was going right to Huron Street Pub and Grill. I just love the food here and enjoy talking to the owner Tony who lives on the island year round and is so interesting to talk to! My favorite item is the coconut shrimp which they marinate in coconut milk and pineapple juice and hand bread. Doesn’t that sound delicious? I can’t wait to recreate!

We had to order the Brussels sprouts again because they’re amazing. After talking to Tony, he made me want to try the Chicken and Waffles which was delicious! What a beautiful presentation too. Troy enjoyed the brisket sandwich and we also got to sample the Shepherd’s Pie. This restaurant offers upscale options from what you would expect and I enjoyed talking to the chef about how they do things such as marinating the chicken in buttermilk overnight. Who would know how much work goes into making this delicious food?

-Mustang Lounge- If you are a burger and fries kind of person, the Mustang Lounge is the perfect place. Troy ordered a pizza burger and we both agreed that it was delicious! We also had a Caesar salad, chicken and wild rice soup and buffalo cauliflower.

What to Do at Mackinac Island

-Rent bikes and ride around the Island- Our favorite thing to do is to rent bikes and bike around the island! It is an 8 mile bike ride and we rented bikes right from Mission Point which was the perfect idea because it was convenient and our bikes were more comfortable than last time. I like to plan about 2 hours for this trip because we love to stop at all of the scenic areas. Especially Arch Rock and Devil’s Kitchen!

-Swim in the pool at Mission Point- The kids love a good pool and Adalyn had fun wearing her life jacket and jumping in by herself over and over. Mom liked the hot tub!

-Walk near the water by Mission Point- There is an amazing gazebo where weddings are held and so much greenery and flowers all around. It is an amazing walk with gorgeous views. They have Adirondack chairs all over the lawn that anyone can sit in. We liked looking at the lake and exploring.

-Watch the ferries come and go!

-Visit the Fort- My husband is big into history and really enjoyed his first trip to the Fort. Adalyn’s favorite part of the trip was seeing the cannon being fired off. They have dress-up clothes for kids which was really adorable to see. The next day, outside of the fort, we saw boy scouts raising all of the flags and the Star Spangled Banner played. It was so special to see!

-Venture into the island and hike- I bet you didn’t know that there are a ton of hiking trails at Mackinac Island! We enjoyed walking to Skull Cave and walking through the historic cemetery. Oh, and stopping and picking wild raspberries!

Just watching the water, the boats and horses all around are some of my favorite parts of Mackinac Island. It was busier this time than in May but we loved the early morning times before many people are around the island. I highly recommend getting outside of the little downtown area and exploring if you enjoy nature. There is so much natural #PureMichigan beauty to see!

Thank you to Mission Point for hosting us and restaurants for providing meals! Super special thanks to Sarah from Mission Point for being our tour guide and a wealth of information as well as being so friendly that she felt like a family friend!

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