September 25, 2018

Adalyn Grace is 4!

My baby girl who is so not a baby is 4! We're so excited! As I do every year, I love to share the updates of what is going on with her so we can remember all of these incredibly special moments.

Here are Adalyn's answers to many questions at age 4:

-She is in 4 year old preschool three days a week and loves it! She loves her teacher and all of her friends so much.

-She can write all of her letters, knows how to spell some words on her own, can write all of her numbers, can do a little bit of basic addition, can count to 100 and is ready to learn how to read.

-She is so, so loving! She loves her grandparents so much and wants to be with them and have sleepovers constantly. She tells us she loves us 1000 times a day. She loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses. She has taught me so much about being loving and giving!

-The girl is tall! She is wearing size 5 and 6 clothing mostly and is in the 90th percentile.

-She knows what she wants to wear always and there is no telling her otherwise. We probably go through choosing 5 outfits every morning before school.

-She is so passionate about food just like me! She eats almost everything and her favorite foods are: apples, milk, oranges, carrots, soup, yogurt and all fruits. She snacks continuously and never seems to be full.

-Adalyn is still an amazing big sister and the sibling roles have recently changed where Adalyn is no longer helping with a little baby but more like she is wrestling and playing with her best friend/brother.

-She is now on a soccer team, taking swim lessons and goes to Tinkergarten (an outdoor play class). I never planned to sign her up for so much at once but it kind of just happened. She is loving it all!

-She really learned how to swim this summer and can swim on her own for short periods of time. I think that with her swim lessons, she will really excel. It took a long time to have confidence in the water but she is finally able to jump in and do some swimming with a little push of confidence from mom.

-She is truly incredible at telling stories. She has such an imagination and in school, scored very high in this area. She has an imaginary friend named Co and loves being told stories.

-She is still super into all things princess and still loves dress-up though she is not doing it as much as she was a bit ago. She loves princess books and movies a lot.

-She loves all things art including crayons, markers, glitter glue and paint. Everyday, she makes at least 5 different projects and is constantly working on rainbows, different letters and drawing pictures of mommy.

-I've never met a more outgoing kid. She is nothing like me in this sense. I am shy and she is the opposite. She can have whole conversations with someone she just met. Go up on the stage of a concert and tear up the dance floor. Sing a song loud and proud walking down the sidewalk. I love this SO much about Adalyn and hope she never loses that confidence in herself. I have never been comfortable singing out loud to people and think it's amazing that she can do stuff like this!

-She loves country music along with princess music. She has certain songs that are totally her songs such as "Everthing's Gonna Be Alright", "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset Repeat", "Life Changes", Little Mermaid "Part Of Your World", "Let it Go" and the "Star Spangled Banner". We love putting on these songs together in the car or anywhere and belting them out.

-Adalyn loves going on walks to "backachurch"- the back of our local church and going in the gazebo and saying prayers. She has memorized the Our Father, Hail Mary and Angel prayer. She loves praying and asks me to pray with her often. She loves making up her own prayers and I love hearing what she is thanking god for or asking him for.

-Adalyn loves racing people and running. She recently was racing my dad- Hop- and she tricked him!! She said, "stop, I don't feel well" and then raced past him. I could not believe it!! She loves taking the dogs on walks and carrying Dubby around.

-While people always tell us that Adalyn looks so much older than her age, we still have the WORST tantrums where she is inconsolable for a solid 20 minutes. She is super strong willed and will not give in which makes us scratch our heads with what to do with her often.

-No joke, bedtime takes 3-4 hours to fall asleep. We put her to bed, she plays in her room, changes her clothes 10 times, turns on the light, needs to go to the bathroom, needs water, needs a hug, wants to tell us she loves us, needs to brush her teeth again, etc. etc. etc. We don't love bedtime. She has true trouble falling asleep and we have tried many things but I am definitely open to suggestions if anyone has them! She does still nap everyday for quite awhile and if she doesn't nap, she has awful tantrums and still doesn't fall asleep so that doesn't seem to be the answer.

-She wants to be a doctor, a nurse and a dentist when she grows up. She loves telling people that she "works for mommy's blog" and is truly the best assistant.

-Her compassion is incredible. She often tells me that she is so sad because my grandma passed away (almost 2 years ago). If we yell at the dog for doing something like stealing food, she says "that is my doggy and you will never yell at him again". She wants everyone to get along and for no one to ever be in trouble.

-She is literally my best friend in the world and is so incredibly fun to hangout with. I'm the luckiest mom in the world and I cannot believe that god chose us to be her parents. I love you with my whole heart Adalyn Grace!

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  1. wow...4 already?! I remember when she was born. She is beautiful and so full of life. Y'all have done a great job!

  2. What a cutie! Hoping with you that she grows out of the 3 to 4 hour-long get-to-sleep rituals--that's nuts! --Deb

  3. She is such a sweet and smart child! It is so nice that she enjoys so many things!
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