September 22, 2018

Fall Lawn Care Tips + Farm Produce

It's almost fall! It's the best time of year for produce at The Farm. What's The Farm? If you are a long time reader of The Nutritionist Reviews, you may remember that my parents have a farm in the thumb of Michigan that we visit regularly. It is about 1 1/2 hours from our house and is an awesome 92 acres of land. My dad rents much of the land to a farmer who farms soybeans, winter wheat and corn on rotating years. We love taking a trip up there for the weekend and enjoying the beautiful nature.
My dad does a lot of work to keep the fruit trees and vineyards looking great along with keeping the lawn around the house maintained. We walk barefoot out there a lot and my parents work hard to keep the grass cut nice and soft enough to walk on. 
The Farm is amazing for going on long walks, teaching the kids about nature, swimming and picking lots of fruit! The fall season is busy for my parents because they have a large vineyard with grapes that need to be picked and squeezed for making wine as well as pear trees, peach trees and apple trees. Adalyn, Oliver and I are totally fruit crazy, so visiting the farm this time of year is especially awesome.
  The Farm means the world to the kids, Troy and me. It is super important to me to raise my kids in nature and not with a ton of constant technology (though that has its place at times). To me, there is nothing like taking my kids on a long walk on the farm, picking different wild apples, seeing a deer or a hawk, seeing different plants, and more. Nature is my happy place, and the kids love it as well. Oliver is obsessed with tractors and loves seeing my Dad's 3 tractors, though he is scared of the noise at this age when it is on. We often go to the farm in the fall just to hang out but also to help my parents with picking the fruit and taking care of the property.  We do a lot of lawn care in the spring/summer, but it is important to take care of it in the fall as well after months of damage from the heat and maybe not enough water. Seeding and feeding your lawn during the fall will help ensure that it looks great the following year.
I recommend giving your lawn some love this fall so that it will look great next spring! Happy fall!

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