September 17, 2018

How to Host an Outdoor Movie Night

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One of the things that my little family is known for in the summer is hosting our summer outdoor movie nights in our backyard. We have a tall cream color fence that is perfect for projecting a movie onto. We started this a few years ago and it is so much fun. We invite over family or friends and watch a movie on the fence along with snacks, JaM Cellars wine and comfy seating. We are soaking up those last moments of summer, knocking items off of our summer bucket list. This time of year is actually perfect for outdoor movies since the weather is nice and it doesn't get dark too late anymore.

Here are my tips for making an outdoor movie night perfect:

1. A few bottles of wine

Hey, what is an outdoor movie party without drinks? Wine is definitely my drink of choice and as I have shared before, I love JaM Cellars wines. The JaM Cabernet is my favorite store bought red wine and I also love the Butter Chardonnay which is truly buttery and so delicious. The Cabernet has flavors of blackberry, plums and currants. It smells and tastes amazing! JaM Butter is creamy tasting, rich and bold. It has flavors of stone fruits along with baked lemon and vanilla.

I see people buying this Butter wine all the time and for good reason. It's awesome! The JaM Cabernet has the best smell and taste. I love it!

2. Tons of snacks

Probably the most important aspect of watching a movie outdoors is having good snacks. Sometimes we keep it simple like having popcorn and candy or other times, we have more elaborate appetizers or homemade snacks such as homemade chips and salsa, nachos, brownies or whatever we feel like making. My parents always enjoy evening snacking so when they're coming, I know to make sure I had a few fun snacks around. I made this super delicious snack board and it took me 5 minutes. I just picked up a couple cheeses, olives and crackers and had the rest on hand. It looks pretty impressive considering it barely takes any time at all!

3. Choose a movie you have seen before

This is my husband's tip and while I don't necessarily 100% agree because I don't like rewatching movies, he is right. For an outdoor movie, you can get distracted more easily because of noises outside, lights, etc. Also, when you get together with people, they like to talk of course and if you are watching a brand new movie that you're dying to see, you may miss a lot of it due to talking. At our house, I would totally be the one caught chatting haha. When you choose a classic movie that you have seen before, it is more fun because you can talk and watch the movie since you already know what is going to happen.

4. Bug spray

Sometimes in the evening, mosquitoes can be out and biting like crazy and nothing ruins an evening outdoor party like bugs biting. Keep a can of unscented bug spray out for guests. I highly recommend the unscented kind so you don't smell like the spray which I am not a fan of.

5. Comfortable seating

We carry our comfortable outdoor couches and padded chairs over near the fence for the movie so that everyone has a comfortable seat. It makes it more like a movie theater experience this way.

6. Blankets

In the evenings, even in the summer, it can get chilly out once the sun goes down. My sister and I pretty much always reach for a blanket to cozy up with during a movie or bonfire.

So grab a couple bottles of JaM Cellars wine, snacks, comfy seating and blankets and have yourself an awesome movie night!

Let me know if you've ever had an outdoor movie night and share your best tips!

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