September 04, 2018

Keeping Children Safe in the Car: Booster Seat Safety

This post was sponsored by The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
Since Adalyn was little, she understood that she had to be buckled safe in order for us to drive. She fought it so many times just being a toddler and not wanting to be strapped down but we would always explain how important it is to be buckled safely when we are out on the roads.

Safety is number one to me when it comes to my kids. They have to hold my hand when crossing a street, I teach them at a young age not to touch things that are not safe and when driving in a car, they have to be buckled correctly. 

Today, I partnered with the Office of Highway Safety Planning which is specific to the state of Michigan where I live. OHSP is dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries on the roads in Michigan. They focus on leadership innovation, facilitation and program support along with other traffic safety professionals. 

Currently, my kids are still in car seats but when Adalyn is a little bit older, she will transition to a booster seat. Proper booster seat safety can decrease fatalities and injuries in a car crash and it is super important, just like car seat safety. I personally did not know everything about booster seat safety until I read all of the information from OHSP and am thankful for these resources that help my husband and I understand booster seat safety guidelines.

Here are some booster seat safety guidelines: 

  • If your child is less than 4'9", they need to ride in a booster seat, even if they seem grown up. Adult seat belts do not fit or protect children less than this height the way they need to.
  • Using a booster seat reduces the risk of serious injury by 45 percent for kids ages 4-8 years old when compared to using a seat belt alone. This is such a huge percentage and I will definitely follow this for my kids. 
  • For adults and older children, using a seat belt reduces the risk of death and serious injury by about half. Please buckle up!! 
  • Michigan kids ages 4-7 have a low rate of booster use at just 49.7 percent. Research shows the parents underestimate the risk of having a child not use a booster seat. Honestly, as a mom of an almost 4 year old, I cannot even imagine my daughter not being in a 5 point harness let alone a booster seat.
I hope you learned something new if you didn't already know this information about using a booster seat! 

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