October 01, 2018

Oliver Richard 17-18 Month Update

Oliver is 1 1/2 years old (tomorrow- 10/2)! Lately, he loves cuddling, giving kisses, tractors and eating lots of bars! Here is what else is going on with our big guy:

Clothing size: 12 months, 18 months, finally size 3 diapers, size 5 and 6 shoes

Weight: according to our home scale, around 21.5 pounds

Eating: We stopped nursing right at 17 months. It was super easy to stop and Oliver only signed for milk one time and I told him it was all gone and he didn't ask again!

He is still an excellent eater and loves milk, large PB and J sandwiches, BARS (omg he would eat 7 a day if I let him- he brings them to me constantly), chips, yogurt, messy soups and casseroles where everything is cooked together, pasta.

Sleep: He naps twice a day some days and other days, just once depending on our plans for the day. Bedtime is still around 7-7:30 and he goes right to bed without any issues. He loves his big fluffy stuffed animal pillows, blankets and pacifier. He carries around the pillows all day long and will just lay down on them at times.

-His walking has turned more into running now. The guy is fast! He loves running away from me when I call him and thinks it is hilarious.

-He has a shoe obsession! His shoes, his sister's shoes, my shoes- nobody's shoes are off limits! He wants to wear them all. He also loves wearing a backpack around the house.

-He is mommy's boy right now and has been really fussy with teething and wants to be held a ton. I'm mostly not complaining! He is super cuddly and I like when he wakes up too early because he will lay in bed with me and cuddle. He gives kisses and hugs.

-Words- "wow" looking up at fancy lights, dog, mama, dada, Ada, Anna (Adalyn's friend who he loves), "trac" for tractor, hi, bye, hot, Hop (my dad), "aw done" for all done, growling like a bear.

-Tractors are life to this boy! If he sees a tractor, he has to go toward it. He is scared of actually being on a tractor due to the noise but gets used to it after a minute. He's lucky my parents have a farm and 2 big tractors!!

-Listens and understands so well! If I tell him to put down his pacifier, he will. If I ask him to get something, he will! It is great and makes me feel good that he is understanding.

-He loves to wrestle and beat up his sister. Yes, Adalyn is 2 1/2 years old than him but he is definitely the bully. He pulls her hair, hits her, pulls on her clothes, etc. A work in progress..

-Has 10 teeth- 8 front teeth and 2 in the back.

-Loves walking on his own places and doesn't want to be carried as much. Loves holding hands.

-Obsessed with putting lotion on his hands and belly. Constantly brings me bottles of lotion to give him a bit so he can rub on. Cute!

-Loves climbing up on our dining room table- I do not love this.. Loves throwing food on the ground. Feeds himself. Loves stealing pens, markers and crayons whenever possible because he sees his sister with them all the time.

-Loves to brush his teeth and can point to many body parts.

-Is super smiley most of the time! He runs around our house all day taking things out from where they belong, making messes, eating bars and smiling. Life is wonderful with this guy!

-Loves the playground so much! He goes down slides on his own, loves the teeter totter, etc.

I'm just loving this stage with Oliver and am excited to see him talk more and interact even more!

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  1. Our sons are the same age. It's so cute to see the similarities and differences in them at this stage.

    Cute blog! I came in for the roasted chickpeas. Thanks!




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