October 03, 2018

Healthy Routines For The Whole Family (including the dogs!)

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With summer being over, we are back to routines and I have to say, I am enjoying it! I absolutely loved the summer but we fell out of routine of regular exercise, eating healthy with all of the travel we did, normal bedtimes, keeping our house organized, etc. Now that Troy and Adalyn are back-to-school, we are getting our healthy routines back and are loving how great we are feeling about it. The whole family is making changes to our routines to feel our best- even the dogs!

These are some of the healthy routine changes we are making:

1. Exercise regularly

Typically, I am great about exercise but this summer, things got a little out of whack because we were doing a lot of traveling and renovation to our third floor leaving little time to exercise daily. We are making sure to get in at least daily walks and I am trying really hard to lift weights but as I've written about before, I always struggle with that. I am so excited to share that I am running twice a week with my dad!! He has gotten me up to 7 miles which is so exciting! 

I am making sure that we take the dogs as well. Dubby (who's real name is Jaxen but pretty much goes by Dubby now thanks to the kids) loves walking but we haven't taken him much due to the hot weather. Ava is lazy, lazy, lazy! She would skip all walks if she could but we are making sure to take her on shorter walks in the fall. It's fun because Adalyn and Oliver can walk each of the dogs on their own now which they love and it has made their relationship with the dogs a lot better.

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2. Eat healthier 

We make nutritious meals at home but this summer, we had a ton of travel that had us eating out more and with the third floor renovation, we didn't have as much time to cook so I turned to quick meals that usually were healthy but not always. I am incorporating more meal prep into my routine as well as regular grocery shopping to ensure that we are stocked up on plenty of nutritious foods.

For the dogs, I decided for them to take the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge. When I found out that you may be able to see visible differences in 28 days, I knew that it was worth a try. To start the challenge, I picked up some Purina ONE® SmartBlend Chicken and Rice Adult Dry Dog Food from Target. They love the food right from the beginning so that is a great sign! Ava even perked up with a little more energy which is awesome because like I said, she enjoys the couch quite a bit. Also, I love shopping at Target for pet gear because they have the cutest pet dogs, dog clothes, cute leashes and bowls as well as lots of dog treats and food options.
In Purina ONE® dog food, every ingredient has a purpose and works together to provided balanced nutrition. It contains high quality red meat, poultry or fish. I went with the chicken variety for the dogs. There are no added fillers or artificial flavors and it provides vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system and a shiny, healthy coat. Your pet may have more energy and their eyes may look brighter. I chose a dry dog food but this line also makes wet varieties which I also picked up for the dogs because they love it.

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3. Regular bedtimes

We all stayed up way past our bedtime this summer thanks to summer concerts, get togethers, pool trips, etc. I loved it all but I notice that the kids (and I) do so much better when we get enough sleep as none of us sleep in. The dogs, well, they always sleep so I'm not worried about them!

4. Keep our house organized

Keeping my house very tidy is important to me. I said this to Troy the other day "Imagine starting your work day as a teacher with a trashed classroom, how would that feel?". Since I work from home, I like for my house to be tidy when I work because otherwise, I feel a little bit crazy and can't concentrate. Obviously, it is completely a work in progress always because I have a 1 year old and 4 year old but I have been doing a bunch of deep cleaning as well as organizing different areas that tend to get messy and it feels so good! I am constantly getting rid of stuff and looking into new ways to keep our house organized. The bonus is that now, Adalyn is old enough to help me clean up some of the messes that she makes. Woo hoo!

5. Drink plenty of water

I love drinking water and so do the kids! I make sure to always keep the dog's bowl of water full so that they can drink plenty as well. Drinking lots of water definitely helps us feel our best.
Now is a great time to get back into a healthy routine! I hope you decide to make some healthy changes so you can feel your best!

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