October 26, 2018

Safety is The Most Important Thing

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As a mom of two young children, I am always aware of their safety and health. I always tell Adalyn that their safety is my number one priority, no matter what. On Tuesday, my kid's safety was in jeopardy and it scared me so badly that I am being extremely cautious so that we stay safe.

I went on a walk with the kids in the stroller and grabbed a bagel from a local bagel place. I came back home and my side door that we never use was wide open and the light was on. No one else should have been home. I knew that something was very wrong. I instantly started running away from the house with the kids in the stroller and called 911.

It turns out that our house was robbed and our TV, my nice work camera, gaming systems, cash, jewelry and more were stolen. I am horrified that we were robbed but most of all, I was scared for our safety. I didn't know if the robber was still in the house or not and didn't know what was to come. All I cared about in that moment was my kid's safety.

Since that happened to us on 10/23, we have really amped up our safety talks with the kids. I talked to Adalyn about not talking to strangers, not opening the door herself, staying right by me in a store, not going anywhere with a stranger and more. We even hit on how drugs and smoking are bad so that she can be aware of some of the dangers that are out there. We talked about this all lightly but serious enough so that it was a serious conversation.

I wanted to share a health topic that is happening now so that you can be aware of it. Loperamide which is the active ingredient in over the counter diarrhea relief medications is being abused. It can mimic the effects of opioids and teenagers are using the product to get high. It is safe in small doses but in large doses, mimic the effect of opioids. This ingredient does not directly help with diarrhea but has an effect of relieving symptoms. The FDA has issued letters asking retailers to stop selling large sizes of products that contain loperamide and some are listening but it is not yet mandatory.

I know that when my kids are teens, I am going to be very vigilant in the things that teens are doing because there is always something new and scary that you hear of. Keeping our kids safe is always so important and being aware of the dangers out there is part of our jobs as parents. Diarrhea on average occurs 5-7 times per year for kids and 70% of travelers can suffer from diarrhea.

Before giving medications, talk to your doctor before giving medication to your children. If you do get the okay to give medications, make sure that it is something that is safe and keep the bottle high up or hidden to avoid misuse.

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  1. I am so sorry your house was burgled, but am so thankful you are all safe. Take care and I continue to enjoy your website!

  2. Oh, my gosh! That is so scary! Good for you for being so vigilant and proactive, though. You kept your kids safe, and that really IS the most important thing. It can be difficult to feel comfortable after something like that, so I do hope you will take whatever precautions necessary to help you FEEL safe, as well as actually being safe. So glad this story has a happy ending, in the very most important ways!

  3. Amanda, you didn't state if the house was broken into or the door was left unlocked.I strongly remind people to keep house doors locked, when you are gone and at nightand when you are sleeping. Many houses and cars are being vandelized because of doors being left unlocked. I can't stress it enough! Lock your doors! Thank you, Lord that your family was safe!


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