December 13, 2018

2018 Kids Holiday Gift Guide + MEGA Giveaway!

My kids are currently 4 and 1 1/2 for this holiday season. These are some of the items that they are getting for Christmas or things that I know that they would like to ask for!

**Keep reading for a huge Read Kids sunglasses, pediped, Stuck on You and giveaway!!



Kidbox is the kid's clothing subscription box and we are loving it! You fill out a survey for each of your kids and you are able to select their style such as athletic, preppy, fancy, etc. Adalyn loves her dresses and we were so excited to have this Masala Baby gorgeous dress that I can't get her to take off. You can select if you want certain items like lots of sweaters or dresses or an item for a certain event like a holiday. I love this Andy + Evan sweater for Oliver.

All of the items that we received are great quality and we will definitely use them over the holiday season. Each box has 6-7 items in it for your child. Shipping is free both ways and you just pay for what you want to keep. You can ship back anything that you don't like or what does not fit. Each box is $98 if you keep the entire thing and with the items being high quality, that isn't a bad price. It's really fun to receive items chosen just for you!

For 15% off your order, use code AMANDA at checkout.

Stuck on You Bento Boxes

Stuck on You Bento Boxes

I think that these bento boxes are the cutest thing ever! My kids are going to love them! They come in many designs and colors and you can choose everything about them! I chose the font, what I wanted them to say, the color and the design on the front. Oliver is obsessed with tractors and is going to go crazy for this!

Stuck on You Bento Boxes
Look how organized they are and adorable on the inside! I am going to bring these everywhere when we need lunch on the go and for kindergarten next year. Stuck on You also has great personalized pajamas. We have been using the same pairs for one year and they still look perfect after washing them many times.

Detroit Zoo Membership

The one thing that I could think of to ask for for the kids for Christmas this year was a Detroit Zoo Membership. Our house has plenty of toys but a trip to the zoo? The kids LOVE it! We go to the zoo about once a month. It is a great morning outing for the family. I always bring the double stroller and the kids end up riding some and running around some.

We love seeing the giraffes inside in the winter because you can get really close to them. A favorite has to be the polar bears. You won't see them every time but when you do, you will love it! They play in the water and the Detroit Zoo has a great exhibit where you look through a glass that is partially underwater. The newer penguin exhibit is awesome as well.

A one year membership is pretty affordable and it makes a great gift for a family! We have been members for about 3 years and love it. You can buy your loved one a membership gift certificate for the holidays and prices range from $63-200 depending on what they need.

b. box Sippy Cups

One of our very favorite sippy cups that we have been using for many years for our kids. They are easy to drink from with a straw, have an easy open/close cover and my kids love them. My 18 month old was so excited to see these new cups which I thought was cute since he is so little. They would make great stocking stuffers!

Bombas Kids and Toddler Socks

Bombas Kids and Toddler Socks

I am a huge fan of these socks for Troy and I and we are new to the kids versions. We have tons of kids socks and these are by far the best. They are the cushiest, actually stay on and the kids love them! Another great stocking stuffer idea.

Real Shades Kids Sunglasses

Real Shades Kids Sunglasses

My kids think that wearing sunglasses is super cool and they are going to love these colorful Real Kids sunglasses. They are affordable at $12.95 a pair. They have 100% UVA and UVB protection, shatterproof lenses and unbreakable frames. With active kids who are often rough with their stuff, I love that these are unbreakable. They have great adult frames as well!

Ann Arbor Hands on Museum Membership

We went to the AA Hands on Museum last November and totally fell in love! It is an amazing place for kids to explore, touch and learn. Five minutes into our trip, we vowed to come back again soon. Our kids love playing and learning science. Troy loves that he can show the kids science and I like it because it is something super fun to do in the colder months.

My kids have tons of stuff like many do I'm sure and a museum membership is a perfect idea because it is super fun but doesn't crowd your home. During the winter, we are always looking for ways to get out of the house and there is floor after floor at this museum to explore. We didn't even make it to everything here because there was so much.

Pediped Shoes

pediped Shoes

We have been long-time fans of pediped shoes because they are great quality and are super comfortable for the kids. I'm loving these boots for Adalyn and tennis shoes for Oliver. If a child in your life needs new shoes, check out pediped. My kids have always liked these shoes and they last longer than you even need them for (kid's feet grow fast!).

Wicked Uncle Gifts

Wicked Uncle Gifts

I loved checking out the Wicked Uncle site because it is a one-stop shop for children's toys. I got lots of ideas for my own kids from there by browsing around. Adalyn is super into arts and crafts right now and with the weather being cold, it is perfect to have different activities available to do. This bead kit and paint set is perfect! You can sort by age and sex which is super helpful if you are shopping for a child that is not your own and you need gift ideas that they may like.

Detroit Kid City 

We visited Detroit Kid City for the first time when Adalyn was about 1! There are two locations: Southfield, MI and Clinton Township, MI. It is a place for kids to use their imagination and play. They have coffee for the parents (woo hoo) and there are lots of little shops for the kids to go in and play. There is a grocery store with pretend food, a barber shop, music shop and more. It is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon with your kids. 

Passes here would make an awesome gift because it is something super fun to do in the winter months! My family loves going here for meetups with other kids because the kids have an amazing time and the parents get to chat!

Chaser Kids

With the weather being cold, I'm all about comfy clothes for the kiddos (and obviously myself as well!). I love these clothes from Chaser which are so, so soft, comfy and stretchy. No rough or scratchy clothes here! I'm loving this reindeer face top which is perfect for Christmas. Their women's clothing is also great for any women in your life. Lots of the items are distressed for that cozy, worn look.


The giveaway will be for 2 pairs of Real Kids Sunglasses (for kids or adults), 2 sippy cups, a pair of pediped originals shoes (can choose size/sex but not style) and a $40 gift voucher to Stuck on You to one super lucky winner!
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Some of the products in this post were provided as samples.

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  1. My kids would love those sunglasses! My kids are 3.5 and 1.5. They're getting books, dramatic play things and trips to The Field Museum and the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago.

  2. I am most excited to win the paint sticks. I love promoting creativity with the kids.

  3. The shoes/boots and sunglasses - both of which are BIG items for the wee ones.

  4. I think those lunch boxes are super cute!


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