December 20, 2018

The Best Products of 2018 Part 33

Degusta Box

December Degusta Box

I really enjoyed the contents of the December Degusta Box! I loved the Vahdam Darjeeling Summer tea as I've been loving black tea. Along with these fruity marshmallows, we got a bag of regular marshmallows and my husband used them to make Lucky Charms Crispy Treats to bring to a party and they turned out perfect.

I loved the maple flavor of this Garden of Life bar that has 12 grams of protein. The chocolate chips will be fun for baking and I was excited to try the Hu Kitchen chocolate bar after hearing great things about this brand from many.

Starkist Tuna Creations

Starkist Tuna Creations

The kids and I are crazy for tuna! We usually make our own veggie-loaded tuna salads and serve it on a bed of lettuce or crackers. I was excited to see all of these flavors from StarKist in tuna and chicken. It is fun to switch it up and try different kinds and I really like the ranch tuna! I think that the buffalo chicken will be fun too.

FitSnack Box

FitSnack Box

My favorite item in this month's box was the toasted muesli which I have been enjoying plain or on top of yogurt for some crunch. It has a great flavor and I love the pieces of toasted coconut in it. I like the flavor of Zest Tea but am personally not looking for extra caffeine from tea so that's not the best option for me. My daughter went crazy for these sausage snacks and after seeing his sister love them, so did my son!

The Love Grown Foods cereal tastes like an indulgent cereal but is made with beans. Typically, we stick with non "kid" cereals but these are fun for a treat and healthier too.

Samples were provided for review purposes.

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