December 18, 2018

How to Include Your Pet in Holiday Fun

The holiday season is here! Our house is decorated, we signed up for a couple of Santa events, we are attending a few holiday parties and we couldn't be more excited!! The kids are freaking out about Christmas of course. I wanted to share some of the ways to include your pets in your holiday fun. We have our two mini dachshunds, Ava and Jaxen and they love to be loved so I wanted to include them in some of our Christmas traditions!

1. Include them in holiday photos

So this may be more for your benefit than your pets but I have a lot of fun dressing my dogs up for Christmas! Ava has a beautiful fancy red dress and Jaxen has a gingerbread man costume, bow ties and more. A fun idea is to include the dogs in your family Christmas photos.

2. Give them their own delicious holiday meal

When you are eating your tasty holiday meal, I know your dogs are looking at you for bites. At least mine always do. While I won't be dropping scraps from the table, I get the dogs their own delicious food by Freshpet. This fresh food is loved by my dogs and is made with natural, fresh and healthy ingredients and can be found in the pet refrigerated section of your store.

Some of the reasons to choose Freshpet are that they believe that fresh food is better than manufactured, natural ingredients are better than artificial and gently cooked food is better than over-processed. They come in all different varieties so you are sure to be able to find something that your dog will love.

They are made with real food ingredients including chicken, potatoes and spinach. The blends are protein-rich and many are grain free. They have different health benefits such as being rich in fiber for digestion and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for coat, joint, heart, brain and eye health.

So what do my dogs think? That is the most important part! They absolutely love it! They feel like they are getting a treat each meal and I feel good knowing that they are getting food packed with nutrients that will help them feel their best.

The dogs really like the Freshpet Select Roasted Meals Grain Free Tender Chicken with Garden Vegetables. They went crazy for it and gobbled it up in about 30 seconds. They also really enjoyed the Freshpet Select Tender Beef with Sweet Potatoes and Garden Vegetables.

Check out why to use Freshpet here. Learn where to buy Freshpet in the refrigerated section here.

3. Cuddle up with them for a movie

My family loves watching Christmas movies together this time of year and the dogs, well, they like burrowing under a cozy blanket on our laps. Especially after the kids go to bed, that is our time with the pups and I think they love the quietness when the kids are sleeping.

4. Make them dog-friendly cookies

When baking this holiday season, make a couple kinds of cookies that are dog-friendly. You can lookup all kinds of recipes for what kinds of "cookies" dogs can eat. Mine love peanut butter cookies.

5. Include them in a walk to look at Christmas lights

We love taking a drive each year to go all around our city to look at Christmas lights which of course, you could take your dogs to as well. What I really enjoy though is just walking around our neighborhood after 5 PM and looking at the lights super up close. The dogs love a good walk and bringing them along is fun.

This post is sponsored by Freshpet.

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