February 13, 2019

A Day in the Life of a Dietitian, Mom and Blogger

A day in the life of a full-time blogger, dietitian and mom.

This post is sponsored by FAGE. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love seeing other people's day-in-the-life posts and wanted to share a typical day-in-the-life post from me: a busy pregnant, work-from-home mom of two, dietitian and blogger. I live every day trying to be my healthiest and wanted to share a glimpse of what that looks like. Of course, every day does vary a decent amount due to different schedules, my daughter going to school, different exercises on different days but this is what a typical Tuesday looks like in our household!

A Day-in-the-Life of a Dietitian, Mom and Blogger

5:44 AM: My alarm goes off! I have 11 minutes to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and get out the door for a run with my dad! We run twice a week together and leave our houses at exactly 5:55 AM to meet up with each other to run. We run anywhere from 5-7.5 miles each time. I am chatty so we talk the entire time. I love this time during my week despite how cold it has been and hard it can be to get out the door sometimes.

7:02 AM: If we ran 7.4 miles, I am walking in the door at this time stripping off my gloves, hat and 1,000 layers. My husband loves that I leave my running clothes on the kitchen counter while I shower.. I stretch for a few minutes because it helps stop the soreness, drink some water and if I'm feeling up to it, lift weights for a few minutes. This happens maybe 50% of the time. I am usually greeted by both kiddos and husband at this time. My husband is finishing getting ready for work and the kids are going crazy waiting for breakfast.

Hi baby! 15 weeks here.
7:10 AM: I jump in the shower and pray that I have a few minutes of quiet before Troy leaves for work and I have both kiddos wanting me out of the shower so I can get their yogurt ready! I get dressed really quick and head downstairs because we are all hungry.

7:40 AM: Breakfast time! We all love breakfast so much and it is the meal where we are all the happiest, the kids eat really well and we talk about our day. About 5 days a week, the kids want yogurt for breakfast and we love the FAGE Total Split Cups. I always add chia seeds in it for omega-3 and fiber and sometimes, granola or nut butter as well.

I love this protein-rich Greek yogurt and love all of the flavors that they come in. Some favorites are 2% Key Lime, 2% Blood Orange, 0% Peach, 0% Raspberry and 0% Cherry-Pomegranate. These are filling and we all love having them together. I've always been a fan of the FAGE Total Split Cups but like them even better now because they reduced the sugar content by 30% and have no artificial sweeteners (for the fruit flavors). They went from 16-17 grams of sugar per serving to 11 grams. I'm always trying to eat a little less sugar to be healthier so I love this.

I also like the that fruit is next to the yogurt so you can control how much you put in. I usually put about half or 3/4 of the fruit in but my kids want it all haha! They are rich and creamy, delicious, satisfying and make such a great breakfast. Use this store locator to find where you can buy FAGE Total Split Cups.

8:00 AM: I drink the coffee in my reusable mug that is still hot that Troy made me before he left for work. This is where things really vary. A lot of times, we will run errands on Tuesday. Sometimes, we have a play date with a friend, sometimes we just stay at home and work on reading/writing, etc.

8:30 AM: Get the kids dressed and out the door! Today, we are running errands. We need a bunch of groceries so we head out and I find tons of clearance deals and lots of healthy foods on sale so I am super excited! I love a good deal.

Then, we head to our favorite fruit and vegetable market and fill our cart with tons of produce. We eat far more produce then the typical household and go through so much each week. Adalyn has fun snacking on a peach while I shop and I'm excited that they have my favorite grapes in stock! Oliver says "why not snack on an apple and a pepper?!?".

11 AM: We drive home and put away the groceries. The kids play with blankets and make dresses out of them, Oliver bites Adalyn (real life here!) and the kids have a screaming contest. I was trying to work and answer emails during this time but quickly realize that lunch and nap for the kids is a better idea before anything else happens!

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11:30 AM: Lunch time! We often have things like tuna salad packed with veggies, pasta salad or mac and cheese with veggies, snack plates or leftovers. The kids especially love snack plates with a variety of vegetables, sliced cheese, crackers, nuts, fruit or whatever we have on hand.

12 PM: Nap and work time! The kids nap anywhere from 2 1/2-3 hours and this is my go, go, go work time. I answer emails, promote my blog post that went live that morning, email brands, write blog posts, test recipes, edit photos, pin my recipes and much more. Every day varies a lot for me when it comes to work which is what I love about it. Today, I am sitting writing posts more while a few days ago, I made and shot 3 recipes. This time is super important for me to work and I have learned to get done many hours of work in about a 3 hour period.

3 PM: The kids wake up and it's time to be mom! The kids wake-up hungry and we grab a snack. They constantly ask for yogurt so another FAGE Total Split Cup it is!

We can't get enough Greek yogurt. We sit together and chat and I'm always grateful to spend this time at home with my babies.

4 PM: I often straighten up the house, prep something for dinner and Troy comes home. Troy is a teacher and gets home around 4 PM each day which is amazing for our family to spend time together. Often times, I will read to the kids, Troy will wrestle with them, we will work on an art project or go outside like we did today to play in the snow. This time of day varies a lot too depending on what we have going on. When the weather is nice, we will go on a family walk together.

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5:30 PM: Dinner time! We always eat dinner together as a family and we always eat the same thing. There are no "kid meals" and "adult meals" in my house. A meal is a meal! We eat a giant variety of foods and my husband jokes that I never make the same thing twice. We love homemade pizza, tofu stir-fries, pasta, grilled chicken, Mexican food, big salads, soups, etc. After dinner is cleanup and prepping food for the next day if needed. There is also typically a few "eat your food" or "sit down" comments from us to the kids.

6:15 PM: We take the kids to swim class on Tuesday nights. It is kind of far away so driving each way takes awhile. Adalyn does a bunch of swimming under water while Oliver splashes with Troy in the pool and has literally zero fear of jumping in at less than 2 years old.

8 PM: Arrive home and put the kids to bed. This is Troy and I's time together each night and we cherish it so much! We almost always watch a show together which we love. Some recent favorites have been Scandal, Safe and You.

9 PM: I head up to bed and read blog posts and such on my phone for a bit and then it's light's out for me! Good night.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us. It's amazing how much work you can get done in 3 hours! I need to learn some tips from you for working on my blog. That is good they cut down the amount of sugar in the yogurt. I haven't tried that kind yet, but it looks really good!

    1. I have to do what I have to do with young kids! It's like a 3-hour power hour! Thank you

  2. Do you do any exercise on the days you don't go running? I'd love to get in some outdoor exercise when the weather is warmer. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your day!

    1. Yes, I pretty much do some form of exercise 7 days a week. Aside from my 2 running days, I walk 2-3 miles the rest of the days on my treadmill or outside and 1-2 days a week do a little bit of hand weights.


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