February 12, 2019

10 Healthy Items to Buy at Sam's Club

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I've shopped at Sam's Club on and off my whole life because my parents had a membership growing up. I have had my own card on and off over the years and after a couple of recent trips with my mom, decided to get my own card because I kept finding myself coming back to Sam's Club to stock up on different things.

Today, I want to share some of the reasons why I love Sam's Club and some of the healthy products that they sell that my family loves. With it being the new year and everyone focusing on getting healthy (something that I'm passionate about year-round), I have been excited to see that Sam's Club is a great place for stocking up on healthy essentials.

10 Healthy Items to Buy at Sam's Club

1. Fresh produce

Anytime I've bought produce from Sam's Club, I have been happy with the quality. I've gotten kiwi, nectarines, melons, strawberries, grapes and salad kits from Sam's and it has always stayed fresh.

2. Inexpensive active wear

I have always loved shopping the clothing section at Sam's Club. I think that they have great active wear at low prices. My mom likes their fitness leggings and I like the warm fuzzy jackets which are usually $13-18. They have held up for me over a year so far. I love the Free Country brand and just stocked up on some leggings and a cozy exercise top.

3. Member's Mark products

I  love the Member's Mark dry roasted peanuts, onion powder, garlic powder and peanut butter. These are all healthier items that are affordable at Sam's Club.

4. Exercise equipment

You can buy a lot of exercise equipment online at Sam's Club and a bit in-store too. I saw a great deal on a treadmill when I was in-store. They also sell exercise bikes, rowers, ellipticals, strength training equipment and more.

5. Healthy snacks

I've tried so many of the snacks from Sam's Club and love seeing what new items they're carrying. I stocked up on some 100% fruit juice peach cups for fun for a healthier snack for the kids as well as some prunes because my daughter and I love them!

6. Vegetarian protein

We love the MorningStar Farms Chipotle Black Bean burgers that are super delicious and bigger than what they sell in other stores. I also stocked up on a bunch of tuna because my kids love having tuna salad for lunch. The PB Fit powder is great in oatmeal or stirred into yogurt.

7. Vitamins and supplements

I buy most of my supplements from Sam's Club. I like the Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA and the Renew Life Probiotic from Sam's Club. You just need one pill of each and they come in a large bottle so you don't have to worry about stocking up each month.

8. Buying healthy foods in bulk

By buying in bulk, it is a great way to save money on foods that may otherwise be expensive. Sam's Club has nuts, oats, chia seeds, spices, nut butters and more in bulk at affordable prices. My dad eats nuts for breakfast every single morning and always has several jars on hand from Sam's Club. If he is running low, he is in emergency state and asks my mom to pick him some up at Sam's Club haha!

9. Wearable tech

If you're into tracking your fitness, you may love that Sam's Club stocks lots of FitBits and Apple Watches as well as other brands of wearable tech. Watch for instant savings deals to save more money on these purchases.

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Berry smoothie with my prenatals!

10. Various healthy items

-I love the avocado salsa from Sam's Club- it is amazing on everything! Eggs, chicken, with tortilla chips, on a quesadilla, etc.
-Sam's Club has an 8 pack of my favorite Burt's Bees lip balm which I always carry in my pocket when running for dry winter lips.
-Frozen fruit is a great price at Sam's Club. We like the huge 4 pound bag of mixed berries which is only about $8. It is great in smoothies or just eaten frozen for a snack.

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