March 25, 2019

Share Photos Privately with Family and Friends

How to store and share photos and videos privately with your closest family and friends!

This post was sponsored by the makers of ibi as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. The makers of ibi sent me this for free. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I take so many pictures of my family and want to keep them all organized and out of the eyes of the wrong people. Some, I like to share publicly such as on my blog or on Facebook but some, I like to keep private. Not every picture should be shared with 1000 people on Facebook or 100,000 people on the internet. I recently learned about ibi which is a great way to share private pictures and videos with family and friends in a private way.

Share Photos Privately with Family and Friends

There are certain photos that I share such as a new family photo of us all as my profile picture or some maternity photos on the blog. Some photos, I don't share such as when we have a new baby in the hospital, there are some photos that are just for us or for super close family. When Adalyn was born, I shared these photos in a private album with family. There isn't anything particularly inappropriate about these photos but they just are not always ones that need to be shared publicly.

I take a lot of videos of the kids to capture memories and most of those, I do not share. Cute videos of the kids dancing together, Oliver saying "dee dee" for pizza or a video of Adalyn singing in front of the church. I cherish these videos and love sharing them with our closest family such as grandparents, aunts and uncles but do not want to share them with everyone.

I love my new ibi which makes photo sharing private and easy. I know that the kid's grandparents love seeing these videos and pictures and I want to make sure that the pictures and videos are backed up so that they are never lost. I seriously think about if my house was ever on fire, one of the only material items I would try to grab are my computer and hard drives with photos and videos on them because they mean everything to me!

How to Use ibi

ibi is a smart photo manager that lets you upload, share and organize photos and videos. First, you plug in the ibi device with the cord that it comes with and then download the ibi app to your phone and if you want, desktop. Then, you upload your photos and videos to it easily by clicking which ones from your device you want to upload. Your photos and videos are now stored and can be easily shared with family and friends.

With ibi, you own the right to your photos and can choose if you want to share them or not. Family and friends that you add can add their own photos or videos. This would be fun for a shower, wedding or birth of a baby especially.

I uploaded a bunch of videos of the kids to my ibi as well as some family photos that are important to me. I love sharing with family because these videos and pictures make me happy and I want them to make our families smile as well.

You can order you own ibi on to privately share your photos with your inner circle.

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  1. this looks pretty neat! I also have only certain things I share with good friends and family so this would be something beneficial to me too. My son could even use this to share pics of his newest 2 month old with friends and family... will have to check it out!


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