March 20, 2019

March 2019 Product Review Favorites Part 3 + Simplicity Juice Giveaway

Simplicity Juices

Simplicity Juices and Raw Foods

I'm excited to share these juices and foods from Simplicity because they are delicious and were so helpful during a recent cold that I had. The juices are cold-pressed and therefore, most of them naturally contained fiber which I absolutely LOVE because typically, juice contains zero fiber. I don't drink these as a cleanse but more like a snack. I loved the orange heaven which is made with oranges, lemons and carrots. 

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The Simplicity cayenne lemon kicker was great too with lemon, agave and cayenne. A low-calorie spicy lemonade that tasted delicious. My final favorite juice was the lean elixir which had the consistency more like a smoothie than a juice and was quite filling. It had apple, banana, avocado, lemon, seaweed, green kamut, wheatgrass and chlorophyll. I swear you couldn't taste anything green though! Again, I like that theses juices had fiber and were on the lower end of calories. I don't really want to be drinking 300 calories- I'd rather eat most of my calories but these made a perfect snack. I drank them when I had a cold and my cold went away much faster than normal- maybe a coincidence but maybe not!

Simplicity Raw Foods
I have to mention the delicious raw snacks that came with the juices. The Simplicity untuna salad with grapes tastes just like chicken salad with grapes and the untuna salad with pickles and celery tastes just like tuna salad. They're made with very finely chopped nuts though and are totally delicious! They were delicious paired with the flax crackers. I was a huge fan of these and want to recreate them. The Betty bars are a sweet treat that are healthier made with chocolate, coconut butter, oats, berries and more. I was a fan of everything that I tried!

Chosen Foods Oils

Chosen Foods Oils

I've been cooking with Chosen Foods oils for awhile now and really like them. The avocado oil is a great neutral flavored oil for cooking vegetables or really anything in. I use sesame oil for anything Asian-inspired that I'm making- salad dressings, stir-fries, peanut noodles, etc. It has a delicious strong flavor that really contributes to any Asian dish. 

The Chosen Foods oil sprays are awesome to use as a healthier nonstick spray. I like them for spraying a muffin tin, for eggs and more. I don't use mayo much but we do for one dish that the kids and I LOVE: tuna salad! This one is a little healthier made with avocado oil and is great in tuna salad. We are a big fan of these products because they taste great in our cooking, are a little healthier and work really well! a

FitSnack Box Review

FitSnack Box

-I love the PBFit which I used in two different ways: peanut butter and jelly chia seed pudding and in mine and Troy's daily oatmeal mix with oats, this peanut butter powder, chia seeds and protein powder. Heated up and topped with more peanut butter for me. 
-The Plotz Honey Nutters made a fun snack and so does the popcorn.
-Oliver eats ALL of the bars we ever have in our house and he loved these.
-I'm not a fan of these Protein Crisps.


The giveaway will be for a 4-pack of Simplicity juices to one reader (winner's choice of flavors)!
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**Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. For the juice giveaway, I'd love to first try the Fat Burner and/or the Ceyenne Lemon Kicker. Sounds delish!

  2. I would like to try the Ceyenne Lemon Kicker

  3. They all sound great but I would like to try the FATBURNER!


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