March 27, 2019

Teaching Kids to Swim with Goldfish Swim School

The kids have been enrolled in Goldfish Swim School for three months now and it is going amazingly well! Adalyn is 4 1/2 and has learned so much in terms of swimming at Goldfish Swim School and Oliver is turning 2 and is in the baby class with Troy and is learning water confidence and basic skills.

Goldfish Swim School Macomb

The kids go to Goldfish Swim School Macomb in Macomb, MI. It is quite a far drive for us each week but we love it so we make the trip out. We love it because the pool deck and water are very warm which has been a lot of fun for the kids getting to use all winter long when the weather is less than favorable. When it is literally -12 degrees and you are in a 90 degree pool, life is good!

Goldfish Swim School Review

Our number one favorite thing about Goldfish Swim School is the instructors and how they truly care for our kids. They give lots of 1:1 attention and the swim classes are super small. There is maybe 5 kids in Oliver's class with each kid also having a parent there and 2-3 kids in Adalyn's class including her.

Adalyn's swim teacher gives her feedback after each thing she does and I see her responding to that so well. She loves getting positive feedback that what she is doing is working. I like that she is gently told and shown the right way to do things so she doesn't continue to do them the incorrect, unsafe way. She quickly moved up to the next level after about a month at Goldfish and is swimming well on her own, floating on her back and the newest thing that I can't even believe that she is doing is going to the bottom of the pool to grab a ring. She was TERRIFIED to do anything like this before and does it with zero complaint now.

Along with swim lessons, Goldfish has different events like Family Swim Nights where the whole family can swim together. I really enjoyed this- especially in the winter months. They are only a swim school and not attached to a high school or anything which is really nice because it is fully designed with kids in mind.

There are changing rooms for the kids, lots of bathrooms and even a station with a bunch of blow dryers for the kids to dry their hair. They have swimsuits for sale as well as snacks if you need them. The parents and families sit outside of the glass enclosed pool and come in the last 5 minutes of class to see the progress their child has made and talk to their instructor about how they did. This is one of my favorite parts.

They have levels for every age and will move your child up to the next level when they meet certain skills for each level. I like that they are continually measuring your child's progress so that they can move up when they are ready- not just stay in the same class just because.

Since Troy is with Oliver, I mostly spend the class watching Adalyn but Troy is very happy with Oliver's class too. He is currently in the Mini 2 class at Goldfish Swim School which is a gentle intro to water that teaches basic swim and safety skills. I always look over to see Oliver jumping into Troy's arms, in a foam rowboat for fun, kicking his legs and more. They both really enjoy it together.

Sorry to ramble in this post but we are super passionate about how amazing Goldfish Swim School is for teaching our kids to swim. I love seeing them both being so proud of themselves and it makes me so excited to swim with them all summer long!!

I couldn't recommend Goldfish Swim School enough and recommend checking to see if you have one in your area (they are national). Check out this Goldfish Swim School locator.

Disclosure: We are provided lessons to Goldfish. Our love for the swim lessons are totally are own!