April 11, 2019

Oliver 2 Year Old Update

Oliver is 2 years old! How exciting. He is so much fun and his little personality is really coming out. He's running, talking, singing, eating all the bars and loving all the tractors.

Here is what is going on with Oliver right at 2 years old:

-Favorite foods: ALL the bars ALL the time, pizza (dee dee to him), ham, cheese, salsa eggs, chicken, yogurt, berries, roasted broccoli and asparagus, pasta. He snacks all day long and loves to eat.

-What he's super passionate about: tractors, trucks, airplanes. He is naturally such a boy, I can't even believe it. He spends his days riding ride-on tractors, trains, and pushing around lots of little trucks, planes and more. His favorite thing in the world is tractors and he cannot wait until the weather gets a little warmer to ride on my dad's tractors. Seeing a garbage truck, plane or tractor outside makes his day. He says tractor all day long and always wants to wear his tractor rain boots.

-Favorite people: Hop (my dad), Daddy and Ada (his sister). He loves everyone so much but these people he asks about the most. He is a Daddy's boy and loves to wrestle and cuddle with Troy. He looks up to Adalyn so much and is constantly doing what she does. He is so naughty though and loves hitting her and pulling her hair so we are working on that.

-Still sucking his 2 fingers when he's tired or wants to be cozy.

-Weight- 24.5 lbs (10.5%), Height- 34” (38%

-Loves to be doing stuff like digging in the sand, clicking together buckles, zipping jackets, etc. He is super mechanical and is really good at doing different things.

-Is FINALLY starting to get into shows a little bit. For the first 22 months of his life, he would never watch a show. He would just walk away and play.

-He enjoys real life movies like Sound of Music and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (really). He also likes Baby Genius songs, Frozen and Sesame Street (Elbow AKA Elmo is his favorite).

-He loves wearing his red tractor rain boots and any kind of hat. He is very particular about what he wears and always has an opinion.

-His new thing is "do it" which means that he has to do it, not anyone else or tears and screaming will happen. He wants to buckle his own seat belt, let the dogs in, unlock the door, lock the door, feed himself, everything!

-Tantrums are totally starting when he doesn't get his way. He has cried through our entire breakfast before because Troy told him not to stab his fork everywhere because he is going to hurt someone. He is quite sensitive and loves to cry when he doesn't get his way.

-We are having a big problem with him throwing his food right now. I thought we were in the clear with this because he didn't do it for so long but he just started doing this really badly. A work in progress.

-He is working on potty training. Right now at a couple weeks before age 2, he is peeing on the potty 2-3 times a day which I'm very happy about. Not sure how this is going to fully go because I don't think he is really aware when he goes but it doesn't hurt to try, especially with another baby on the way.

-He sleeps in his crib through the night but for a couple months, randomly gets up and cries for a couple minutes and needs a little love and then goes back to sleep.

-Talking up a storm! He is not doing sentences yet or anything but can say most single words. Some of our favorites are "agua" Spanish for water, "blue" for his blue blanket, "Ah Va" for our dog Ava, "Dee dee" for pizza, "pack pack" when he wants a ride on our back, "hee haw" for what a horse says and more. He loves to say "doe" for no all the time.

-He absolutely loves to swim and is in weekly swim lessons with Troy. He has ZERO fear of jumping in the pool and going under which is a little terrifying because he obviously does not know how to swim yet. He has a lot of fun going down water slides and is never scared.

-Oliver loves to cuddle, give kisses and hugs.

-Loves to race! He stands against the wall and we say "ready, set, go!" and he runs fast! He also loves walking the dogs outside.

-Can count to 10 since he hurt his hand in our treadmill about 4 months ago and needed regular treatment and 30 second stretches. He caught on quickly to counting! He knows pink and blue and is quickly learning to identify other colors.

-His fuzzy blue blanket and Adalyn's fuzzy pink blanket are 90% of his daily comfort. He loves these blankets and will bring them anywhere we let him. When he needs to calm down, all he does is grab the blanket and he instantly feels better. He calls them Pink and Blue and asks for them all the time.

-Has zero idea that he is about to big brother. He is going to be shocked! I've tried to explain it to him but he just isn't getting it yet.

We love you Oliver Richard so much! I feel like this year is going to bring so much learning, fun and changes!

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