June 15, 2019

How to Keep Your Dog Feeling Their Best this Summer

How to keep your dog feeling their best this summer, including feeding them quality food, taking them on walks, keeping them hydrated, visiting the vet, and more!

This post has been sponsored by Purina ONE®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My dogs love the summer. Instead of begging to come inside 10 seconds after they have been let out, they actually love hanging out in the sunshine. Ava and Jaxen enjoy barking at anyone who walks by, trying to eat birds or anything that makes the mistake of coming into our yard, laying in the sun, and hoping that the kids drop their snacks outside so they can quickly try to steal them. The summer means more walks and more fun for the dogs!

We always want the dogs to feel their best. And we do several things to make sure that they are healthy and feeling well that I want to share today, including eating their favorite Purina ONE® Lamb and Rice Dog food from Target, staying hydrated, and more!

How to Keep Your Dog Feeling Their Best this Summer

1. Feed them quality food

Our dogs love the Purina ONE Lamb and Rice dog food, which you can find at Target. I like getting our dog food at Target because they have tons of other dog products that we can pick up if we need, like treats, bowls, leashes, and more. Target makes it so easy to get everything in their one-stop-shop - this food can be found with the rest of the dog food in the pet aisles. 

Purina ONE dog food is made with lamb as the number one ingredient and contains omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy skin and coat. It has an antioxidant blend to support a strong immune system and natural sources of glucosamine for healthy joints. Most importantly though, my dogs love it! They have been eating this food for awhile and gobble it up quickly.

Ava knows that 5 PM equals dinnertime and if you are 5 minutes late, she is letting you know. That sassy dog of mine likes her mealtime! I think that this food has helped Ava's fur quite a bit. Awhile ago, she had some bald spots on her fur (common for dachshunds) and they have since filled in. Possibly due to the good nutrition from her favorite food?

2. Take them on walks

Jaxen always loves going on a walk and is so thrilled when the weather is nice to go on regular walks. I pretty much always have the kids walk him because they love it and it helps him know that they are in charge, too. Ava pretty much only wants to go on a walk when the weather is nice, so she really likes the summer when it is warm out. I recommend going out on walks in the morning or evening when it is less hot out so that they don't overheat.

3. Stay up to date on shots, heartworm and flea and tick treatments

During the warm months, we give the dogs heart worm prevention medications. Ask your veterinarian about what they recommend for your pet based on where you live. It is also a good time to make sure that they are up to date on their shots. If you live in an area where there are ticks, you may want to consider looking into tick treatments or collars. The same goes with fleas. Check your dog's fur and body regularly for fleas and ticks to help keep them healthy. 

4. Give them lots of water

On hot summer days, the dogs need so much more water than they normally do during the winter when it is cold and they are less active. I keep a bowl of water outside and make sure that it gets refilled regularly so that they do not get dehydrated.

5. Don't leave them in the hot sun too long

Just like the winter can be dangerous, a super hot day can be dangerous for the dogs too. If it is super hot out, bring them inside where it is cooler so that they don't overheat. Also, it should be noted not to leave dogs in a hot car. This is super dangerous for them!

Have a great summer with your dogs! Keep these tips in mind for helping pets feel their best.

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