June 16, 2019

Tips for Hosting a Picnic Party

Tips for hosting a picnic party, including how to make hosting easier, what foods to have, what supplies to have on hand, etc. to make entertaining simple and fun!

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With the weather being so much nicer finally, we are trying to get outside as much as possible because summer sure goes fast! The kids really enjoy eating outside and since we can't do it about 7-8 months out of year due to it being too cold, we aim to eat a meal outside as frequently as possible. I put together this fun picnic party for the kids to enjoy a meal outside, and also to have some of my family over for a BBQ.

Even the dogs got in on the picnic!
I love to entertain outside because it seems so much easier than hosting a party inside. You just have to make sure that your lawn looks nice, the patio is cleaned off and then bring your party ingredients outside to all to enjoy. Something about that gorgeous sunshine just makes life great and so much fun!

Tips for Hosting a Picnic Party

Hummus topping prepped, potato salad made ahead of time and veggies sliced for grilling!

Prep food ahead of time

My biggest tip for hosting any party is to prep food ahead of time. I always feel a little crazed hosting until some of the food is made and ready to go in my fridge. For this BBQ picnic party, I made the potatoe salad earlier in the day, chopped the veggies, etc. It makes it so that the day of the party isn't as crazy and stressful so that you, the host, can actually enjoy it.

For this picnic party, this was my menu:
-Mediterranean hummus and pretzels
-Grilled sausages
-Homemade mustard potato salad
-Grilled vegetables
-Sliced cheese

-Kid-friendly sandwiches

Make a list of everything that needs to be done

My second biggest party hosting tip is to have a list of everything that needs to be done and to truly go by this list. I write every single thing that needs to be done in a Google Document a couple of weeks before the party. This includes what food I want to serve, who I am inviting so I can keep a count of how many people are coming to the party, what other people are bringing, things that I need to buy for the party, how I plan to decorate and household things that need to be done before the party. This party to-do list is my "bible" for the party, and I go by it to make sure that everything gets done and nothing gets forgotten.

Have the backyard looking top notch

This is totally Troy's territory, but an important part of hosting a picnic party. Before any backyard gathering, Troy will cut the lawn, edge, pick up after the dogs, sweep our patio, wipe down the patio furniture, clean off the patio cushions, etc. This helps our yard to look awesome and ready to go for the party. The bonus is that since you are not hosting inside, you don't have to go completely crazy cleaning the inside of your house!

Plan for lots of messes

With kids (or anyone at a party really), you have to plan for messes. There are always spills and food dropped at any party we host. We love the Brawny®Tear-A-Square® paper towels because they have quarter sheet sizes that lets you use just what you need, without the waste. We try to never waste paper products and love that these come in smaller sizes for tiny hands. Plus, they are great for serving picnic snacks on. 

Having a roll of this paper towel outside at the party is super helpful for keeping messes at bay. These paper towels are strong and let us only use what we need including three size options (full, half, and quarter).

Have a couple of fun and easy activities

I am totally not a Pinterest mom for parties where everything looks like I spent 6 months planning it, and I am okay with that. I like to have a couple of ideas of what kids can do at a party to keep it so everyone is having fun. We keep it simple with outdoor parties, including drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles, running through the sprinkler, and playing on our playground. Easy peasy, and the kids have a great time!

Serve food on a picnic blanket

Kids will think that it is the most fun idea ever to eat on a picnic blanket because it is something different than they normally do. We just bring out either outdoor picnic blankets, or tablecloths for the kids to sit on and enjoy their meal. 

Have drinks in a cooler nearby

It makes it simpler than guests having to going in and out of the house to grab a drink to keep them right there in a cooler. We like having a variety of sparkling water, pop, etc. for guests to grab easily.

Keep the food simple

This is not a 9-course sit-down meal. This is a picnic! Have fun with it. Grill up some quick proteins on your grill. Make a potato salad or pasta salad. Cut up some fresh fruit like watermelon. Have sliced veggies with dip. Have out bowls of pretzels, chips and salsa or nuts. No one will mind that you didn't go completely crazy hosting and will actually really enjoy the picnic themed foods. 

Keep your Brawny®Tear-A-Square® paper towels nearby for messes after the meal, and to clean up messy hands. They are also great for wrapping up food within. Also, my son is known for "washing" his hands with ranch dressing, so lots of clean up is always necessary.

Drip drip! Strawberry juice is all over Oliver's face.

Have sun supplies ready

If it is a hot sunny day, it can be helpful to keep sunscreen out for guests to use. We have a large umbrella that we put out for backyard gatherings that is helpful for avoiding a sunburn. Keep those sunglasses handy too!

I hope you enjoyed these tips for hosting a picnic party! Keeping it simple yet fun is key along with prepping ahead of time! Happy hosting!

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