June 20, 2019

Tips for Water Safety for Kids

Tips for water safety for kids includes taking swim lessons, supervising kids, wearing a life jacket and more so that kids are safe in the water and can have fun! 
Water safety for kids is so important. Especially where I live and all of the places that we visit all summer long that have water. We go to my parent's farm with a large pond, we go to lots of Michigan lakes, our city has a huge pool, etc. Pretty much 4-5 days a week, we are at the water in the summer and it is so much fun. Therefore, we are super cautious with water safety for the kids as drowning is a huge concern.

Oliver is a daredevil and literally has zero fear of the water. In some ways, this is a great thing as it helps him to do more things that he would be held back from due to fear but in some ways, it is scary for us. Especially for my parent's farm this summer, we know that we will have to watch him 1000% as he would probably go jump into the deep water on his own if someone wasn't right with him holding him back. This puts some fear into Troy and I but that just means that we are going to practice water safety tips really well.

Tips for Water Safety for Kids

1. Always completely supervise kids near the water

Even if the kids are not swimming, they need to be watched like a hawk on any beach or near a pool since they can fall in easily.

2. Unless the child is excellent at swimming, wear a life jacket

In my parent's pond and at lakes, Oliver will be wearing a life jacket. Even though Adalyn has gotten amazing at swimming thanks to Goldfish Swim School, she will wear a life jacket when we go on my brother's new pontoon boat this summer for safety. When we are at pools, she will not have to wear a life jacket because she has gotten good at swimming and will be well supervised.

Floaties, noodles and plastic inner tubes do not protect against drowning. U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are what are recommended for safe swimming.

3. Take swim lessons

I couldn't recommend Goldfish Swim School enough for swim lessons! It has helped Adalyn go from a slightly scared swimmer to an excellent swimmer who is able to do a couple of different strokes at just age 4 1/2. The teachers are fantastic and both of my kids really enjoy their classes. Oliver loves his younger class where they sing songs, jump in the water, practice their kicks and more. He just turned 2 so he is not able to swim on his own yet but has improved a lot in our few months at Goldfish.

Oliver LOVES his swim teacher so much!
Adalyn has moved up twice in classes and is now able to get rings at the bottom of the pool which still shocks me because she was terrified of even going under water just last summer. I couldn't be more proud of her or excited for this summer with lots of swimming. She is going to have a blast!

4. Listen to the rules

Every pool and lake has different rules and we make sure to follow these. One thing that I am constantly saying to the kids is not to run on the pool deck so they do not fall and whack their heads. If a pool requires your child to stay with their parent, listen to the rule. If a lake doesn't allow you to go past a certain barrier, don't swim past it. Common sense and rule following can really help save you!

5. Watch for kids getting too tired

With running around on playgrounds, swimming, the hot sun and more, kids can tire more easily than usual. Watch for signs that your child is tired when swimming and encourage them to take a break if they get tired. Don't forget to have a snack and drink some water as well.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic summer and swims a ton!

Disclosure: We are provided swim lessons from Goldfish Swim School. All opinions are my own.

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