June 21, 2019

June 2019 Product Review Favorites + FitJoy Bars Giveaway

A review of FitJoy bars, FitSnack box and Veyo Sun Hoodies.
FitJoy Bars

FitJoy Bars

If you don't follow me on Instagram stories, you're missing out. Adalyn made the cutest most excited videos ever about these bars that she loves so much! We love these cookie dough brownie FitJoy bars! They taste just like dessert and have 20 grams of protein each. I love that that also make the fun size bars because sometimes, I just want a little taste of something sweet and these are only 70 calories and taste great. I loved the texture and flavor- something that can be tricky with a protein bar.

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Veyo Sun Hoodies

We spend so much time in the sun all summer long. With Michigan winters being insanely long, we love to get outside when we can. Skin protection is super important and while we do use sunscreen, I like the kids to be covered up a little more when they can be. We are loving these Veyo sun hoodies which protects kids from UV rays at 40+, is soft and comfortable for pool days. The kids love wearing them after a swim at our local pool. It gets chillier in the evenings so they like them for that as well.

Oliver literally spent over an hour outside with Troy washing my van and was able to stay warmer and safe from the sun in this sun hoodie. Isn't he adorable being so tiny and washing the car?

FitSnack Box

Here are my thoughts on this monthly snack box:
-Hippeas- My kids and I love these because they taste like an indulgent salty snack but are made with chickpeas, have 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. If you like cheese puffs, you will enjoy this vegan snack that tastes cheesy!
-We are a fan of Vahdam teas but I like the ones in bags more than loose leaf so that it is easier to make.
-I'm not big on electrolyte drinks like this.
-My kids enjoyed these bars!


The giveaway will be for a variety of bars from FitJoy!
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  1. I would like to try Grandma's Lemon Square Protein Bars.

  2. The cookie dough brownie sounds heavenly!! Praise God, we can give ourselves a healthy sweet treat once in a while to satisfy our sweet tooth!

  3. I know I'd love the cookie dough brownie bar


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