July 03, 2019

How QUID Can Be Your Payment Solution

If you own your own website, you may charge for different services that you offer. I currently provide all of my recipes, parenting posts and more for free but some sites do require a subscription. I recently learned about a service called QUID where you can accept payments right on your website. It is easy to use and helpful for those requiring payments on their site.

Some examples of what payments that you could require on your site would be Ebooks that you may be selling, weekly meal plans or to listen to a podcast. Payments start at just $0.01 so you can charge whatever you like for your services.

QUID is another way to ask for payments instead of having ads on your site. If you are someone who prefers offering an ad-free experience, QUID can help. You can insert a payment widget right onto your website and require payments for different services that you offer. If you feel comfortable, you could also have the widget up and ask your followers to give money when they really like the content that you provided.

If you use Wordpress, you can use a plugin but if you don't, you can use a Javascript API. Some ways that QUID compares to other similar types of services is that it is 30% cheaper than other payment processors for payments under a dollar. The starter plan doesn't cost anything to use and allows 10,000 transactions per month. You can also look into a business account which is $200 if you have tons of transactions each month.

You can use QUID with American and Canadian currencies and it is specially designed for small payments. Currently, payments in the US and Canada are accepted.

Here is a sample QUID widget to request and accept payments:

If you are blogger or website owner looking to charge for different services that you offer, I would recommend looking into QUID to see how it can help you!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by QUID. All opinions are my own.

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