July 08, 2019

Tips for Dealing with Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Tips for dealing with back pain during pregnancy including what to limit and products that can help relieve pain naturally to help you feel your best during pregnancy!
I am currently at the end of my third pregnancy and let me tell you, this one has been tougher than the other two for sure. I have had a lot more aches and pains and they all hit a lot earlier than in the other pregnancies. I am so grateful to be able to carry this baby but let me tell you, I am excited for her to be out too and to be done with pregnancy. I have dealt with quite a lot of back pain during pregnancy and wanted to share my best tips for how to deal with it and how to avoid back pain during pregnancy as much as possible.

Tips for Dealing with Back Pain During Pregnancy

1. Limit bending over

What really seems to trigger my back pain is a lot of bending over. The main reason that I am always bending over is to pick up after my two other kids. I've been trying to enlist their help with straightening which seems to help my back pain quite a bit. I also am always photographing food and other things and bend over for that. If you do need to bend over, I know that it is recommended to bend at your knees instead of bending the upper half of your body down.

2. Use a heating pad

People have recommended using a heating pad on my lower back to help with back pain during pregnancy. I never tried it out until recently and am kicking myself for waiting so long. I like the new Sunbeam® Renue® Contoured Back Heating Pad only available at Walmart and Walmart.com.

It is great because it stays right in place on my back and I can keep doing what I need to do like take work on my computer, practice reading with my daughter or honestly, I could even make dinner while wearing it due to the long cord it comes with. It provides heat therapy to my back and gives me the freedom to sit at my desk and work without having to hold the heating pad in place.

Within 10 seconds of putting it on, I was completely in love. It is so soothing to my lower back, is super comfortable, and comes in my favorite color: grey! It provides almost instant relief to lower back discomfort and I will be wearing this the rest of my pregnancy in the evenings while relaxing.

The Sunbeam® Renue® Heating Pad provides targeted heat therapy that is clinically proven to relieve pain related to muscle tension and stress. It gives targeted high-level heat, is machine washable and has 4 different heat settings including a 2 hour auto-shut off. 

3. Take it easy

It is still hard for me to accept but I feel my best when I limit a ton of movement as I come towards the end of my pregnancy. On days where I exercise a lot, I notice that I am having a lot more aches and pains and when I do less exercise, I feel better. I am not saying to sit on the couch for 12 hours but instead of walking on the treadmill on an incline, lifting weights, cleaning the house for hours and then doing things with my kids, it feels better to do less.

4. Talk to your doctor about pain relief

I try to limit taking a pain reliever as much as possible but sometimes, different pregnancy aches and pains can get the best of me. My doctor approved a basic pain reliever for me to take but make sure to ask your doctor about what is right for you.

5. Wear a maternity support band

For the first time, I bought a maternity support and am loving it. I wish that I had it during my other pregnancies! I wear it on longer walks that are over a mile and it seems to help with the back pain and pelvic pain by taking off some of the pressure that my third trimester belly is causing.

6. Limit going up and down the stairs

I do not remember this from my other pregnancies but during this pregnancy, it really bothers me to go up and down the stairs a bunch. I think it may be because I am now working from home and our only bathrooms are upstairs and in the basement so I am constantly taking trips up and down the stairs to use them (you know, that pregnancy peeing is out of control!). I also am constantly grabbing things for the kids on different floors which doesn't help.

Something about going up and down the stairs really ignites my lower back pain so I try to limit it. In fact, I talked to my husband on the phone while he was at work and I told him that I was doing different chores. He literally said to me "DO NOT go up the stairs again! Amanda, DO NOT keep going up and down the stairs!". Haha he is right! I need to listen to myself and take it easy.

7. Sleep with a pillow between your knees

During my first and second pregnancies, I slept with a pregnancy pillow that looks like a giant "C" shape and you have it between your legs. This time, I didn't use it until 29 weeks pregnant and am kicking myself for not pulling it out until then. One of the top tips from my doctor for dealing with back pain is to sleep with a pillow between your knees which takes the pressure off of your back. It has been helping a lot!

These are the tips that I use for dealing with back pain during pregnancy. I hope that they can help you if you are dealing with difficult back pain. Talk to your doctor for any medical advice! #NewellHomeRefresh

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