September 26, 2019

September 2019 Product Review Favorites

A review of FitSnack subscription snack boxes and Canvas on Demand canvases.

August FitSnack Box

-I love these Honey Nutters for a morning snack!
-My kids enjoyed the Supernola and Hippeas. 
-I've been using Purely Inspired protein powders for years and love using the vanilla flavor in my oatmeal mix along with chia seeds, ground flax and more.

Canvas on Demand

My very favorite decorations in my home are my canvases with family photos on them. I love taking my favorite photos and getting them printed on canvas. Canvas on Demand does an awesome job making high quality canvases. We recently had Lily's newborn photos taken and of course, wanted to get some of her photos on canvases just like I did with the other kids. I can't handle how amazing my photo of the 3 kids turned out! It looks amazing.

Canvases can be super expensive and I was shocked at how affordable Canvas on Demand is. For a large 16 x 20 canvas, depending on the current sale you, you can get one for about $19-$25 which is very good! I love ordering these for Christmas gifts for family too.

September FitSnack Box

Since I was busy having a baby last month, I am a little late on sharing my thoughts on my last FitSnack box so this month, you get two reviews in one!
-No joke, the Palmonds are one of the best snacks that I have ever had. They are super super crispy dehydrated sprouted almonds and they have the best texture and flavor. Highly recommend!
-My kids instantly ate the Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs and the Luke's Organic cheddar clouds and enjoyed them.
-The Superseedz make a really great crunchy addition to my oatmeal mix and we have been enjoying it sprinkled in there all week.

Disclosure: Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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