September 25, 2019

Lunch Box Tips for Kids + Giveaway

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Lunch box tips for kids including how to ensure that your kids are eating lots of nutritious foods, getting what they like and a simple formula for packing school lunch in 3 minutes!

Adalyn started kindergarten a few weeks ago and is loving it! For the first time ever, I am having to pack her lunch daily. You're going to think that I'm crazy when I say this but that is the number one part of her going to school that I was stressing about. I knew that she would do awesome learning (she's smart), I knew she would make friends (she's super social) and I knew that she would love it. For some reason, I was really worried that I would not know what to pack for her lunches each day. We are now a few weeks into school and I want to share some of the lunch box tips that I use to pack lunch for my daughter.

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Lunch Box Tips for Kids

Start with a bento box

We have been using a bento box daily for Adalyn's lunches and it makes it so easy! There are sections for fruit, vegetable, protein, grains and dairy. Each day, I just grab something from each of those categories and throw together a lunch in a few minutes or less. A sample lunch that I've sent includes baby carrots, grapes, nuts and strips of whole-grain pancakes with yogurt to dip.

Pack it the night before

Right when Adalyn gets home from school, we take out her lunch from the day before, put in the dishwasher and pack her lunch for the next day. This ensures that we don't forget to pack her a lunch and makes it really simple while we already have her lunch box out. Plus, the mornings are always super busy with 3 young kids so anything to make our mornings run smoother is helpful.

Ask the kids what they want to eat

I know that I am beyond lucky that Adalyn literally eats and enjoys all foods so I can really pack her anything that I want for meals. I notice that she gets super excited though if she has an input on her lunch. For example, I ask her: "do you want carrots or cherry tomatoes?" or "do you want a plum or grapes for lunch?". Since she is choosing it herself, she is more likely to eat it.

Take feedback from their lunch the day before

If your kid is bringing home the same crackers uneaten everyday, maybe it is time to pack another snack. Since I am new to packing lunches, I have been asking Adalyn what she liked about her lunch, if I packed enough, etc. So far, so good.

Pack nutritious foods that keep them going all day long

Most days, you aren't going to see junk food in Adalyn's lunch. She is new to going to school full-time, she just dropped her nap and she needs to be fueled all day long. I focus on foods that are nutritious such as whole-grains, fruits and veggies, calcium rich dairy and protein to keep her full.

A new favorite around here is the Brainiac Kids yogurts. They contain omega-3 DHA and choline. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may know that I am super passionate about getting enough omega-3 each day and through diet, most people (especially kids) do not get enough each day. These nutrients are especially beneficial for brain health which I love for anytime but especially for a long day at school.

Omega-3 DHA makes up to 15% of a child's brain but kids only get 20% of their daily needs. The Brainiac Kids products provide 80% of their omega-3 DHA needs. Kids only get about 69% of their daily choline needs and the Brainiac Kids products provides 100% of their daily needs.

The Brainiac Kids yogurts come in tubes and in yogurt drinks. The omega-3 and choline give kids the nutrients that they need for healthy brain development. I don't like giving my kids a ton of added sugar and like that these have 40% less such than other brands of yogurt tubes. Yogurt is great for probiotics, calcium and is a good source of protein for kids as well.

To keep these yogurts cool until lunchtime, you can freeze them and they will defrost perfectly. The kids also love them for breakfast or frozen for a healthy snack. The Brainiac Kids whole milk yogurt drinks are great too for a nutritious breakfast on the go. They each have 4 grams of protein and 50% less sugar than other kids' yogurt drinks. Both the tubes and yogurt drinks come in strawberry, strawberry banana, mixed berry and cherry vanilla flavors.

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