October 08, 2019

Oliver 2 1/2 Year Old Update

I almost missed this due to the busyness of life but I wanted to share a little update on Oliver at 2 1/2 years old because he is doing the cutest things that I want to remember forever.

-Adalyn goes to kindergarten full-time and Lily sleeps a ton so Oliver and I get to spend all of our days together. It is really great and I feel like I've gotten to know him a lot better in the last month or so which is awesome.

Oliver made me take him to the vacuum section of Walmart to just look at the vacuums. He didn't want to leave.

-Oliver is a straight up man and loves doing all "men things" like fixing things, tractors, cutting the lawn and literally anything that daddy is doing. Also, his Daddy is our main vacuum guy so Oliver loves to ride on his back and "vacuum" too. He needs to feel like he is helping always.

-If you ask Oliver his name, he will tell you Big Boy. I love this. He will not tell you that his name is Oliver.

Troy gets in a ton of trouble with Oliver if he does any kind of work without him. When Troy cute the lawn, Oliver has to be out there with him. Even if it means he is on the front porch or on the swing, he thinks that means he is still cutting the lawn lol.

-We love that he says "watch this, watch this" over and over if he wants you to watch something. He loves showing us his somersaults over and over again.

-The man loves meat! He chants "I want meat! I want meat!" all the time. I asked him "What vegetable do you want for lunch? Tomatoes or green beans?". You know what he said? "How about meat mama?". He cracks me up!!

In this photo, Adalyn got new high heels and told her brother that he could have the old ones and he was so excited lol!!!

-He loves his big sister SO much. Everything she does, he wants to do too. It is everything that I ever dreamed of. They hold hands and skip around and sing songs. Their favorite song together is "Old Town Road" and "Wizard of Oz". If Adalyn is singing a made up song, Oliver always is singing right behind her acting like he knows the words. Luckily, Adalyn is an awesome influence on Oliver so it isn't a problem in any way.

-He is super coordinated and loves things like buckling his own seat belt, flushing the toilet (lol), zipping things, buttons, etc. He has always been super mechanical and loves to do these things for himself.

-At 2 years and 2 months old, Oliver was 100% potty trained! When Troy came home for the summer and right before Lily was born, we hit it hard with potty training and even at night, he only wears underwear now and never has accidents. We are still super shocked at how quickly this happened.

-He LOVES my parent's farm so much. Tractors are everything to Oliver and he loves my dad's tractors. He is completely scared of them when they are on and refuses to ride one, we make him go anyways since we know he loves them and then 10 seconds later, he is completely fine and is happy to go cut the lawn for literally an hour with my dad.

-His name of Two Fingers since he was a couple months old is still going strong because we cannot get the boy to stop sucking his 2 fingers. He does it at night and nap mostly since we tell him not to during the day. He loves to hold any long hair (mine, my mom's dogs, even 3 month old Lily's hair) and suck his fingers haha. He has a super strong love for these furry blankets that we have called Pink and Blue and sleeps with one of them always. They are his favorite possession.

-It took the longest time for Oliver to have any interest in books or shows. I finally got him to enjoy being read to after him having zero interest for 2 years. He only likes Blippi YouTube videos (specifically the tractor one, lawn mower and ice cream shop) and that's about it. I can sometimes get him to watch a bit of Barney or Magic School Bus but any other shows that are ever on, he just walks out of the room and plays instead. Not a bad thing!

-He's a good eater and likes most foods but doesn't eat much lunch a lot of the times. He loves meat like I said, strawberries, pickles, cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, popsicles and more. He eats all of his veggies and really likes green beans and tomatoes.

-He has slept through the night since he was a tiny baby. When he was 2 years and 1 month old, we switched him to a big boy bed on our third floor (he has the whole floor to himself) and he loves it. That was 5 months ago and he literally never, ever got out of bed and goes right to bed every single night. He is our easiest kid for sure.

-He naps everyday at around noon for 2 1/2-3 hours and loves that as well.

-He loves hugs and giving 3 kisses- one on the lips and two on the cheeks.

-He is very slim and something like the 10th percentile for weight and maybe the 40th for height. It's hard to get pants to fit because they are always big in the waist.

-Oliver is so funny! He loves to joke around, do silly things and always has us laughing. He is so loving and loves all of his family so much.

-He has a thing for his Grandpas- Hop and Tibbi as he calls them and just loves spending time with them so much.

-His speech has gotten so much better and he is talking a ton! We can usually understand everything that he is saying. We are working on learning his letters and he can count to 10 on his own.

-He loves to dance- mostly with Adalyn. His favorite thing in the world is to quote lyrics from "Juju on that Beat" and scream "You you Daddy's son!" and thinks that he is getting everyone like it's the biggest dis. If he really wants to get you, he will say "You you Daddy's son, RIGHT NOW!!". He thinks he is hilarious.

-He loves to run and when we go on stroller walks, he loves to get out and walk on his own. Independence is everything to him.

-I was trying to think of things that we are struggling with with Oliver and honestly, he is just such a good kid that I have nothing to say. He doesn't really hurt his sister, he listens way better than Ada ever did and overall, he is just a great natured kid.

-A favorite saying is "OH MY GOD!" when he is super excited about something! He is a really joyful kiddo.

-All he wants to do is to go to school and puts on his backpack all the time and asks me to pack him a lunch. We went to help out at Adalyn's school lunch and he got to sit and eat with her and nothing made him happier.

Things are going fantastic for Oliver and I love seeing him grow up!

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