November 27, 2019

2019 Kids Holiday Gift Guide + HUGE Giveaway

These are some of the gifts that my kids Adalyn (age 5) and Oliver (age 2 1/2) are getting for Christmas or items that they already own and love. I wanted to especially share some tried and true brands that my family loves.

**Keep reading for a Wicked Uncle toys, Stuck on You Bento Box and Contigo kids giveaway!

Bailey's Blossoms Mommy and Me Dresses

My sister-in-law Olivia introduced me to Bailey's Blossoms boutique over a year ago when she got us some super cute items for Adalyn's birthday. The shop is super affordable, has awesome sales and has literally the cutest boutique style clothes ever. I highly recommend it. I just tried my first dress from Bailey's Blossoms for myself from the Mommy and Me collection and oh my goodness, I just love matching my girls so much. How adorable is it that Adalyn, Lily and I can wear the same dress?

Bailey's Blossoms Mommy and Me Dresses
My only hope is that they come out with bigger Mommy and Me sizes as they stop at size 5T for the Mommy and Me collection which is what Adalyn wears right now. I want to match her forever! The dresses are made of a soft and stretchy material and come in so many different patterns and designs. I swear 75% of my nieces wardrobe comes from Bailey's Blossoms so you know that my sister-in-law really loves them!

Little Experimenter Toys

Troy is an astronomy teacher (and physics) and loves telescopes. What better gift for the kids than a toy telescope! We love this Little Experimenter telescope which is very affordable. The kids and Troy are going to have so much fun together using this. Adalyn has been bringing books home from the library about the planets so this is a perfect gift for her.

Kidzlane Toys

We are also loving this Kidzlane Doctor Kit. Our doctor kit is honestly one of my kids most used toys ever and even at age 5, Adalyn is still interested in it. I am going to give this one to Lily in a few months so she can have her own doctor kit to play with. I love doctor kits because it really sparks imagination in kids and encourages them to play doctor.

Kidzlane Floor Piano
Oliver really enjoys the Kidzlane Floor Piano. It is so much fun because it gives the kids a great way to get some movement in indoors during the long winter. It is 6 feet long and both kids can use it at the same time. I know that Lily will enjoy it soon too.

Stuck on You Bento Boxes

Stuck on You Bento Boxes

I literally could not recommend these bento boxes from Stuck on You any more! I love them so much and so does my daughter. She has been taking her lunch in these most days since the beginning of this school year and they are better than any other brand we have tried. They make lunch packing SO easy for me which is such a blessing because I'm always busy. I just toss some chopped veggies in these, fruit, protein, dairy and grains and lunch is ready to go. It is just one container to wash instead of a few and I don't have to use any plastic bags which is a waste. They do not leak at all, are totally customizable with color, your child's name and a pattern on the front.

Stuck on You Bento Boxes
Funny story: Oliver who is 2 1/2 is completely obsessed about going to school even though he is too young. Sometimes, I take him to Adalyn's school so I can help out at lunch and he can eat lunch with her and he has to bring his tractor bento box from Stuck on You. Sometimes, he says, "Mommy, where is my tractor lunch" even if it isn't a day we are going in. He is obsessed!!

Kids on 45th Clothing

Kids on 45th Clothing

You have heard of clothing subscription boxes but have you heard of gently used clothing subscription boxes? I recently found Kids on 45th online somewhere and was super impressed by the cute clothing that we received for Oliver and Adalyn. We got 18 pieces for only $70 which is a steal of a deal! Clothing prices start at $2.79 which is awesome. The clothes are from high quality brands like Gap, Old Navy, Andy and Evan, Lands End and more. When my kids grow to the next size, I will definitely be checking out Kids on 45th. I would love getting this box as a holiday gift for my kids so I would recommend gifting it as well.

Contigo Spill-Proof Tumblers

Contigo Spill-Proof Tumblers

Just like I do, my kids love the Contigo brand. Any water bottles that we have from this company are always our favorites. We always buy the kids autoseal water bottles and just started using the Contigo Spill-Proof Tumblers and love them. I can't believe that a tumbler can be spill-proof! Along with drinking water or milk out of them, they are the perfect smoothie cup as well. Plus, the designs are just too cute.

Rags Belle Dress

Rags Dresses

I love these soft and comfortable dresses for Adalyn from Rags. When I saw that they had so many different Disney designs, I knew that that would be something that she would love so much. This Belle floral swing dress is sure to be a favorite. I like how the dresses are stretchy and easy to play in yet very feminine.

Adalyn wore this dress all afternoon playing soccer outside, scootering and running around and it was perfect for being girly yet allowing her to play like crazy.

Wicked Uncle Toys

Wicked Uncle Toys

Wicked Uncle is a site that sells all different kids toys that are well-organized by age and interest. I had a ton of fun going through the site using the different parameters. I searched by my daughter's age first for age appropriate gifts. Then I searched by different categories such as outdoorsy and adventurer to find fun ideas for my kids.

Adalyn and Oliver are at the stage where they love to do anything together so that is why I chose the binoculars for them to go explore together at my parents farm. The paint sticks are a favorite in our house. We got these last year and after the kids left all of the caps off through the year, we are out of them and it was time to restock. These are great when the kids want to paint but you don't want them to get messy. They are going to love the karaoke microphone and the voice changer as well. I can't wait to see them enjoy these.

Chaser Kids Clothes

I love the Chaser Kids brand from trying it out last year and this year, they have some awesome designs for kids. My favorite is this red flutter shirttail dress in this pretty bright red color. All of the clothes are super soft and stretchy which I love.

The shawl collar pullover that Oliver is wearing is really nice too and is comfortable yet looks pulled together. They also have a shirt with popsicles on them and another with sharks that are super cute! These make great holiday gifts for kiddos.

Pediped Shoes

pediped Shoes

Since the kids were tiny babies, we have been using pediped shoes. They are great quality and never wear out before the kids grow out of them. They have so many different designs and patterns. I tend to go for the flats, athletic shoes and have even gotten Adalyn really cute boots from there.


The giveaway will be for a $50 gift certificate to Wicked Uncle, 1 custom Stuck on You bento box, 1 Contigo Kids Tumbler to one winner.
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Some of these products were provided as samples for this post. This post was sponsored by Nesstoy. All opinions are my own.

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