January 30, 2020

The Nutritionist Reviews: January Product Favorites

FitSnack subscription box , Y'Art yarn craft set, The Game of Wolf and You Bet-Cha game review.
FitSnack Box

FitSnack Box

-I love putting Purely Inspired vanilla protein in our oatmeal mix with chia seeds, flax and probiotics. It is also great in smoothies.
-The kids and I aren't the biggest fan of the Lebby snacks.
-I love these Sanissimo corn crackers! They are large and perfect to load up with awesome dips for picnics or for an appetizer. They have a wonderful strong corn flavor.

Y'Art Kit

Y'Art Kit

What a fun gift for a little girl! I do not know how to sew but want to teach Adalyn little fun things to do with yarn. I love craft kits and this flamingo yarn set is easy to use and super fun for kids. They are affordable too! I don't love having toys that just sit around and having a gift that you can actually use and for something to do is Adalyn's favorite.

The Game of Wolf and You Bet-Cha Game

The Game of Wolf and You Bet-Cha Game

My family loves board games. When we get together when the weather isn't nice, that is one of the things that we love to do together. We are always looking for fun new games to play. The Game of Wolf and You Bet-Cha is great for older kids and adults to have fun. I'm bringing these games up north for my family to play. The Game of Wolf is a trivia game which is really fun because sometimes, we like to go to a local restaurant to play trivia and this one can be played right from home. You Bet-Cha is a fast paced trivia game. Lots of winter fun will be had with these games!

Samples were provided for review purposes.

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  1. I've been wanting to try an organic, plant-based protein powder, I'll totally need to give this one a try!


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