February 05, 2020

February Product Favorites + Sunglasses Giveaway!

A review of delicious Bear Yoyo's snacks, MessyWeekend sunglasses and FitSnack snack subscription box.
Bear Yoyos

Bear Yoyos

I'm calling these my favorite new product of 2020 so far! These Bear Yoyos make the best little treat. They are actually quite healthy made with only fruits and vegetables and have no added sugar. They are little rolls of fruit and are similar to a fruit roll up. My obsession are the sour ones which are made sour with lemon juice. I love that they use real ingredients but most of all, I love how they taste.

**Keep reading for a MessyWeekend sunglasses giveaway!

Though these are probably geared more towards kids and my kids do love them, adults can enjoy them too. I love keeping them in my purse and having them for a treat in place of candy. I highly recommend these Bear Yoyos!

MessyWeekend Sunglasses

MessyWeekend Sunglasses

I love wearing sunglasses. From about May-September, you can find Troy and I in sunglasses every single day. We can never have enough either because they are always getting temporarily misplaced. I love these sunglasses from MessyWeekend. They look awesome on and many of the pairs are unisex which I love because I can keep them in my van and my husband or I can wear them when we need them. Check them out for upcoming sunny days ahead!

 FitSnack Box

-These honey straws make for a fun treat instead of candy. 
-I liked using the PlantFusion chocolate protein to make a chocolate milk smoothie with banana, spinach, milk, this protein powder and fresh mint leaves!
-My son really liked the Why Bar but I thought that 300 calories was too much for a bar.
-I love the Enlightened beans. My favorite flavor is the wasabi.
-I look forward to using the Camp Master spice for grilling this summer!


The giveaway will be for your choice of MessyWeekend sunglasses!
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